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Minecraft Info
We have partnered up with StrategyWiki to provide a Minecraft Server available to anyone. 
  • Software Available from: Minecraft Website
  • Required Mods: None
  • IP Address: (we are not on Minecraft Realms) 
  • Legal copy of Minecraft is required
Anyone have any problems logging in, trouble with in the server, comments, feedback, etc., feel free to contact myself or Sove on it, or create another thread on it. 

Important Threads: 
  • Server Rules
  • Server Staff (we will post rules on how to become Minecraft Server Staff at a future point, as we are currently not looking for staff at the current time)
Other ways to contact us include - 

Grifkuba  StrategyWiki If you wish to partner with us on something, have a game project or site in mind, etc. feel free to join these forums and tell us about it.

Servers with Minecraft Channels that link to us: 
Cool Friendly Discord Hangout Place:

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