Lanschilandia Forum Rules
Hallo there! This is a sub-forum to discuss the Furry/Fantasy webcomic Tails of Lanschilandia by Tammy Spahn (as well as its B-side comic, Dyllis Filler). Please read the rules below before posting.
  • The Grifkuba Forum Rules apply here, so check them out if you haven't yet.
  • Lanschilandia is largely a family-friendly comic, so please keep that in mind when posting.
  • If you would like to point to a specific page of the comic, you can do so by creating a link to that page's permanent URL on the Lanschilandia website (the one that ends in "index.php?id=" followed by a number). If you wish to link to the latest page, you may need to access it through the comic's archive to obtain the right URL. Please don't embed the pages here or link directly to the images.
  • You are welcome to post fan works (we'd love to see them!), but please be sure to credit Tammy Spahn as the original comic's copyright holder if you are sharing them anywhere other than this forum.

Miscellaneous chatter about a particular story that does not warrant a seperate thread can go in the official story discussion threads:
That's it! Smile Now go and have fun. Yes, it's mandatory.