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Projects and Resources
Now that we have at least 2 projects and some resources getting set up, there are somethings I would like people to know. Some of these are in response to people's questions or discussions, some are just thoughts in my head I thought needed to be said Smile

  1. You are free to join any project you wish. The idea of having multiple projects is so they can share ideas and resources, but not to force people to join one and only one project. Go to each other for feedback. Ask each other for help. And so on.
  2. That being said, not every resource needs to be shared. For instance, if you come up with an Monster for a specific project, you are allowed to only give it to that project, instead of giving it to the Monster Database. The idea of the Monster Database is a collection of monsters available for any project that wishes to use it. This doesn't mean every monster in every project needs to be in.
If you have an idea for a project and/or resource, please feel free to bring it up.


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