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Welcome to this board!
Welcome this board! In this board You are free to post gaming events or competitions that you will host. Anyone is available to join, but they should make sure with the host if it's ok to join and play.

To show an event/ post an event, the format must be used

(Event Name) now in (game for the event) at (time of event)
(Info of the event)

(Rules of the event)

(add a nice comment and thank those who join)

(make sure to add information to contact you to join the event)


Who's the best of them of all? in Splatoon, at 7:00 pm PT 7/23/2016
In this event, I'll make a server to prove who is the strongest in all of the challenges and the challenged are: Scopemania and Octoling Seek and Destroy!

Rules for Scopemania: All players must be in a certain area and only shoot once, whoever has the most teammates left standing in the end wins!
Rules for Octoling Seek and Destroy: Whoever is in team Alpha are the Octolings (must dress in Octoling gear and have Octoling Replica) and team Bravo are the hiders. The hiders have 2 mins to cover turf and must hide from the Octolings. When 2 mins pass, Octolings search for hiders. If any hider still survive, their team wins! But if the Octolings destroy each hider, they win!

Can you win, can you do it? It will all be revealed on July 23rd. Good luck to all of you and may you give your best!

To contact me if you'd like to join, go to my userpage and pm me!
Angel Aquastarz13 Angel

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