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Fire Emblem discussion
Welcome to the Fire Emblem general discussion thread! Feel free to discuss anything about Fire Emblem here, including your favourite games, characters, classes, strategies, and more!

Check out the Fire Emblem Wiki here: [Image: vongRnB.png]

I'll start off:
* Favourite game: Path of Radiance
* Favourite characters: Forrest, Sigurd
* Favourite class: Master Knight
[Image: vongRnB.png]
My favorite class is probably the incarnations of Assassin/Dread Fighter or Swordmaster. Especially in the GBA era, where their supports could grant them critical levels to the moon. In the Kaga Era games, I particularly liked using the Archsage and Gold Knight classes, possibly out of novelty.
My favorite minor character within the games is Volke (if you count him as minor, because POR spoilers), Raven, and Druid Ewan.
The most memorable villain to me was Lyon
Favorite soundtrack peice alternates between POR Bittersweet victory 1, Id purpose, Don't speak her Name, and Alm Battle from Gidain.

Discussion idea:
The most painful Fire Emblem moment (tactics wise) that is entirely your own fault.

For me it was in my first try at FE6 when I was battling a manakete in chapter 12, I got through the entire level in 15 turns, had perfect luck, and found out I accidentally either left the wyrmslayer all together or sent it to the convoy.

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