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List of Game Dev Twitter (and other) Accounts
I posted in the following Facebook thread

and then went through the thread and grabbed as many URLs as I can (twitter or otherwise)

If I missed someone, or someone want me to add them, feel free to reply bellow.
My Twitter is @TammySpahn, though it's not exclusively for game things.

That list could really use formatting if it's going to be useful to people - organising, names instead of URLs, short summaries, possibly trimming it a bit instead of just throwing everything in there. One of the links isn't even an account, it's a YouTube video of a Bob Marley song.
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Yea, it was something I quickly through together. I plan on cleaning it up later in the week, add more accounts, remove bad links, etc. 

Thank you for pointing it out Smile
I did some minor cleaning and added you to it. No more Bob Marly song.
I merged the above with another list I had on google drive spreadsheet.

Feel free to join in. :O 

The numbers are used for generating random lists.

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