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Plan for 2018
Welcome to the Plan for 2018, where we talk about how we did with our plan for last year and what we wish to do next year and beyond. 

Feel free to comment on anything that has been said, bring up ideas we haven't considered, and provide feedback on things we have.

2017 Recap

please see the Plan for 2017 thread. 

Social Media

On the one hand, we are still looking for people to help run our Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc. 

On the other hand, we have grown close over  2.3K followers, which include in independent game studios, game journalists, twitch streamers, and our own members. This is thanks in part to some amazing twitter profiles I have met in the last year. 

Main Site

We now have a person who is training themselves to be Web Developer and they have agreed to help out on our website. 


Space Colonizers is doing well, in my opinion. 

We have a wonderful artist helping out and has made 2 Characters so far, and is working on a third. 

And Vellidragon has starting to work on the game engine, using Multimedia Fusion 2. For her previous game design work, please have a look her game site.

Barn Wars  is currently being worked on by a fellow who found our server through

He is working on it in using a programming language known as rust.

ihmiis is currently looking for people to help out.

Things that weren't on the list but happened anyway!

  1. We got 3 new sites hosting with us! 
  2. We got our first Patreon sponsor, and are sponsoring more people on Patreon.
  3. Our Discord has become an amazing group of people. We now have channels on Web Development and Game Design, streaming, and the Discord RPG, updated rules and roles, and a more active staff than in the past. 
  4. We started a Minecraft Server in a partnership with StrategyWiki
  5. One of the projects we were helping with was handed over to us, and has been added to our list of projects people can help out on.
  6. We started a twitch channel and community. Not being used for much, but should anyone need or want it, just talk to me. 
  7. We had a vote for a new logo
  8. I made a more concrete list of Game Projects and Concepts in those, hoping to present it better and simpler than the wiki currently is Big Grin
  9. I've made a list of twitter contacts, that I use in Saturday Shoutouts
  10. I've also been working with the Tech Valley Game Space, to learn more about game design and development. 
  11. Velli and I started a blog for us!
2018 and Beyond

Now, for things I plan to do 

  1. We are going to revising our hosting options to better reflect the packages we have configured. 
  2. I'm going to getting professional legal advise to help us ensure our actions for our game projects are legal, and look into registering us as a LLC
  3. We are going to be hiring at least one more person, budget permitting. This person or people could be a game designer, web developer, additional artist, writer, programmer, etc. How exactly we will be going about this sure?
  4. Start putting together ideas for our own Discord bot. What will it be used for? What will it be able to do? all to come! (see the below)
  5. Have a process and policy in place for people to ask us for money to help fund their projects and/or work (small amounts for now)
  6. Continue to expand what Grifkuba can help with and offer to people. 
  7. Continue with our game projects and help others where we can.  
  8. Help Lylat Wiki get simpler templates and help bring the wiki up to HTML5 and CSS3 standards. 
  9. Help SEIWA get a new website
and for things I want to do (could be in 2018, or might be more long term after that): 

  • Host other Game Servers 
  • Have streamers give out knowledge about us
  • Help out game projects and keep our own going 
  • Make out Social Media pages more active and telling people about the other things going on
  • Sponsor more Artists, Musicians, etc. on Patreon
  • Sponsor teams in eSports, maybe organize one or two of our own
  • Form potential group meetings if a lot of our people live in a close enough area, such as at Otakon or PAX. 
  • Sponsor more Artists, Musicians, etc. through Patreon
Do you have an idea for Grifkuba? an idea for a project to do? something else? 

Well, now you can

I originally designed the Discord server, and to an extent, it will continue to be that way. But if something is suggested that could affect all of Grifkuba, then it everyone in it will get a chance to have a say in things. And not just those who are on the server, but those who follow us on twitter and/or facebook, join me in Facebook Messenger or Google Hangout, or something else entirely!

This is going to become incorporated into the website, and adapted for it, once we have it set up!

Final Words

Sounds like a plan? well... more than one? 

Want to be an affiliate? 

Want to help us on a game? Have a game project you want or need help on?

Feel free to comment bellow, ask questions, give feedback, give ideas, etc. 

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and lets make 2018 an excellent year,

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