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Minecraft Server status 16-1-2018
A few more things have happened, which requires another forum post explaining it all.

We have recently moved to a 6GB Fluctis hosted server. This means that the server should be able to easily handle 50 player slots. It's difficult to gauge how much memory a Minecraft server will use, as different factors, like loaded chunks, different worlds, plugins, etc. can change the impact. If we ever get a full server and there is obvious room for an increase, we can increase the number of player slots available.

Additional features are coming as well. The original survival world will stay pretty much the same (unless anybody wants MCMMO?), but we now have a Creative plots world, allowing you to claim up to two very large plots. The spawn is NOT finished yet, so we strongly advise against building close to the current spawn lest we have to move something.

We will also be getting a Factions world, complete with economy features. Player shops will become a thing including a future plot world to hold them with buyable land. Economy should become a heavily ingrained feature into at least the Factions world. Currently economy is available to all worlds, but the ability to use it in Survival may or may not be a thing.

Group events with other communities are sure to become a thing. We've been thinking about hosting minigame sessions on things like custom walls maps, which is a custom game-mode that isolates each team into their own enclosures with a given countdown, after which the walls separating players go down and the last team standing wins. 

Other minor changes include using the green grifkuba logo for the server's image.

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