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Easter event!
Happy Easter everybody, to those who celebrate, but whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I have arranged a somewhat Easter themed scavenger hunt at spawn!

A chest has been hidden somewhere in spawn containing a special code, that when given to me will entitle you to your choice of either 750,000 in game marks, for use in future shops and the upcoming Factions world, or a set of 64 diamonds, 256 gold ingots, and 64 iron blocks for use in the current survival world.

With this hunt I have updated spawn with some fields of bunnies!

This event will last until the prize is claimed, and the bunnies will stay around spawn for about a week or so. There can only be one winner, so good luck!

[Image: dz2LaXdDQ5yoT_PTKHKdZQ.png]

[Image: P1eIn626RMyx-tkPOzMh0w.png]
Event long gone over.

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