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Plan for 2019
Welcome to the Plan for 2019, where we talk about how we did with our plan for last year and what we wish to do next year and beyond. 

Feel free to comment on anything that has been said, bring up ideas we haven't considered, and provide feedback on things we have.

I'll be posting updates, if and as they develop. 

2018 Recap

please see the Plan for 2018 thread.

General Info

Something that wasn't part of the plan last year, is we put out an application for people to work with us! 

This isn't for full time workers, since we currently don't have the resources, infrastructure, needs or interest in it.

Rather, it is for people who are between jobs; have a job, but are looking to do something as a side job; resume builders, stuff to put in their portfolios, etc.

What I plan to do with the list generated by application: 
- Gather information on all users who have at least one of the following roles on Discord and other places we have presence. These include people who are Artist, Writer, Programmer, Musician, Graphic Designer, 3D Modeler, Streamer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Game Designer, Game Developer and Bot Developer 
- Have a list available for our partners, Division Managers, Head of Teams, Squad Directors and other friendly groups to look through.
- Give us a basis for connecting people with skills, talents and/or experience with things other people need or want. 

Some examples: 
- Design a new skin for one of our wikis (Artist and Graphic Designer -> Site Owner & Site Rep)
- Recruit Writers and 3D Modeler to help out on game projects
- Recruit streamers to play games of people in the community

Web Hosting

We are up to 6 wikis, with 2 in development and 1 applying for our hosting. 

Since we've been taking on with new wikis, I've been setting up new groups within grifkuba to help out the new wikis, along with setting up a new Tech Support page and account on all wikis which our teams can answer requests through. 

Of the people who have applied in the above form, Alex and Fubaka have been joined the Wiki Team and appointed as Assistant Tech Support. 

In addition, we've been working on improving our SEO rankings and ad revenue to improve our self-sufficiency. This is mostly thanks to chownk, the person who made StrategyWiki's [/url][url=]Android Mobile App and, a Switch networking site. 


Space Colonizers haven't had much progress since our artist has been really busy with their college stuff. 

Barn Wars and Ihmiis are currently on the backburner for the moment. If you are interested in joining these projects, let me know. 

  1. We've been getting more sites asking for hosting
  2. I've contacted a law firm who are going to help us get LLC, copyrights, contract reviewing, etc. I just need to actually afford them. Big Grin 
  3. The person who I plan to hire has turned into multiple people, coming from the above list. Who will they be? stay tuned!
  4. The bot is being worked on by one of our staff in the discord server. It isn't public yet, but it is helping us in the server. 
  5.  We have a channel on the server for this, and it is being built into our new site, among other features. Smile 
  6.  We've started to subscribing to people on Twitch and added more people on Patreon, both sponsering us and us sponsering us.
  7. Still working on game projects when I can.  
  8. Still need to get Lylat Wiki the new templates and 
  9. Still need to get SEIWA a new website. 

and for things I want to do (could be in 2019, or might be more long term after that): 
  • Host other Game Servers 
  • Have streamers give out knowledge about us
  • Help out game projects and keep our own going 
  • Make out Social Media pages more active and telling people about the other things going on
  • Sponsor more Artists, Musicians, etc. on Patreon
  • Sponsor teams in eSports, maybe organize one or two of our own
  • Form potential group meetings if a lot of our people live in a close enough area, such as at Otakon or PAX. 
  • Sponsor more Artists, Musicians, etc. through Patreon
2019 and Beyond

General Info

Future Plans for the list*:
- Offer small commissions to people who fulfill specific requirements to help out grifkuba (or another approved party) 
- Have a staff of artists, writers, etc. who associated with us and that we can with people who are looking for people with those skills. (for example, In this case, if they have a legitimate need for an artist, but have no way to afford one, they can apply to borrow one of ours. The artist would still retain the right to decide if they wish to do the work or not)
- Connect people who have a specific skill with other people who want to learn it. 
- Sponsor More Streamers, Patreon Pages, etc. of the people on the list.

* A lot of this is dependent on our budget. The more we bring in, the more opportunities and services we can offer. hint hint

Web Hosting

Over the next year, we are going to be setting up Tech Support pages on all the wikis, where people can put in 

Things I am also hoping to do in 2019 with the wikis:
  • Update every wiki to 1.31/1.32 in 2019
  • Give All the wikis new skins
  • Update all templates, etc. to HTML5/CSS3
  • Clean up CSS and JS pages
  • Tech Support Pages
  • New Main Pages


I'm looking for people to help out on our projects. Want to join us? fill out the above application! Smile

Off these, I need help maintaining the main wiki for the project pages. 

Let me know if you are interested! 


Here are the current hires, being slightly adjusted to add our new group structures

Current Hires
  • Moydow (Programming Squad, Digital Ocean Server Team)
  • Sleepy Salamander (Art Squad, Seekers of the Aether Squad)
And now, the moment you have all been waiting for: the new hires for 2019. 

New Hires
  • Diskg88 (Art Squad, Trello Team)
  • Disater Flare (Writing Squad, Wiki Team)
  • Pook and Pie (Writing Squad, Wiki Team, Website Division)
  • chownk (Programming Squad, Wiki Team & Digital Ocean Team, Website Division)
  • Alex95 (Programming Squad, Wiki Team)
  • Fubaka (Programming Squad, Wiki Team)
  • Mr. Woods (Social Media Squad, Website Division)
  • The Realizer (Social Media Squad, Website Division)
How much they will be getting, when it will start, the source of the money, etc. is being kept off this thread and will be discussed in DMs and on private channels on the discord server. 

Some of them have already started volunteering and will be asked to continue to do so, depending on budgeting concerns. 

If anyone wishes to no longer continue working with us, let me know. 

Final Words

Sounds like a plan? well... more than one? 

Want to be an affiliate? 

Want to help us on a game? Have a game project you want or need help on?

Feel free to comment bellow, ask questions, give feedback, give ideas, etc. 

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Season and lets make 2019 an excellent year,

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