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The core staff of grifkuba is made up of leadership of each Division, Squad, and Team (collectively, groups)

Together, they discuss and vote on decisions that affect the entirety of grifkuba, not just a specific group or two.

They approve of new groups, dissolve groups that are no longer active, help settle disputes between groups, and remove leadership of a group in the case the group leader becomes unruly.

They don't decide on budgets, or give experience for work done for Grifkuba.

The leader of the core staff is effectively the Current Executive Officer of Grifkuba, and can appoint a second in command who can operate in their absence.

Group Name Group Leader Title Current Holder(s)
Digitial Ocean Server Team Head of the Digital Ocean Server Moydow and Sove
Forum Team Head of the Forums TBD
Repository Team Head of the Repository TBD
Discord Team Head of the Discord Server TBD
Trello Team Head of the Trello Board TBD
Wiki Team Head of Grifkuba's wikis Alex95
Financial Team Head of Grifkuba's Finances tacopill
Social Media Squad Director of Social Media Aperture_Labs
Stream Squad Director of our Twitch Channel Clyde