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The Grifkuba Discord Server is friendly place where people are invited to work on game projects; post their art, writing, programming, music, event details, etc. And casually talk and play games with each other.


!!!!WARNING!!!!** this server is protected by ninjas!

Ninjas are mods that have kick permissions but you do not know who they are because they blend in

Thank you for you attention

Main rules:

  • Be Kind, Curtious and Respectful. Joking around is fine, but if someone is uncomfortable and requests it be stopped, please do so
  • Don't ask to be a mod or admin. If we think you would be right for the role, we will ask it of you :)
  • Do not spam
  • No flaming or trolling
  • Do not post NSFW things
  • Do not post inappropriate links and vids
  • Keep all Vulgar Humor in private

Too many warnings and rule breaking will result in a kick or a permanent ban

Staff Details

Staff has 2 groupings.

  • @admin team: who are a small group of users who can manage channels, ban members permanitely, modify messages, and other things that help control the server. They hold powers that could drastically affect the server, which is why there are not a lot of them on the team.
  • @ninja: a group of users who can temporarily kick members, change nicknames, and other smaller actions. The number of ninja is proportional to the number of people we have in the server overall, being 1 for every 20-30 people.

Users can become Ninjas and Ninjas can become Admins if they do well to fulfill some of the following requirements:

  1. Have become a reliable member of the community.
  2. Have helped notify us when there has been vandals, trolls, etc.
  3. Have become active on our projects and/or been giving constructive critism on the creative channels
  4. Have helped us with our social media pages, such as twitter, facebook, etc.
  5. Have promoted our server on others without violating the rules of that server.
  6. Is Active on our forums, trello, etc.
  7. Is An Admin on an Affiliated Server.
  8. Has helped us promote events

Please do not ask for admin or ninja.

Channel Descriptions:

=== Information District ===
#about-us - details about the server and grifkuba itself 
#old-town-guidelines - rules, roles and more!
#updates - updates to the discord server, our web hosting server, and other vital info 
#polls - polls 
#starboard - treasured messages in the server's history. 3 :star: to qualify. 
#level-up-notifications - a place you can get told when you level up from our bot @Grifkuba#4462

=== Utility District ===
#self-assigning-roles - where you can assign roles to yourself
#verify-here - verify here to access more channels 
#welcome-area - meet new people, get to answer their questions 
#bot-alley - toy with bots that exist in the server.

=== Commons District ===
#main-street - our main area. If you are looking for "general" go here, 
#game-cafe - casually discuss gaming with others 
#meme-stream - it's a place to put memes. 
#the-isle-of-weeaboo - discuss anime. Anything from Shonen and Shojo, movies, series with only 1 season and more. 
#food-court - food, food, glorious food
#language-park - discuss things in languages other than English. French, Hindi and Japanese, to Binary, Klingon and Elfish.

==== Hobbies District ===
#cast-harbor - announce yourself going live on :twitch:, :youtube_gaming: and more
#palette-punchers-🎨 - it's an art channel. Post art. 
#hello-world-💻 - programming channel. 
#hardware-palace-🖥 - discuss the latest in RAM technology, debate different hard drive specs and show off your builds 
#pencil-sharpener-✍ - writing channel. Discuss fan fics you wrote, stories you want feed back on, and more. 
#game-design - working on a game? need play testing or feedback? post here! 
#web-development - same as game-design, but web focused.
#recording-studio - drop sick beats you just created, samples of music you want people to listen to, etc. 
#system-analogs - discuss Operating Systems and other system-level software.

=== Audio District ===
#voice_chat - post here when you are in a the general voice chat 
#tempo-tavern-🎵 - post here for when you are in Tempo-Tavern voice chat, for listening to music with @FredBoat♪♪#7284

=== Advertising District ===
#promotions-and-advertisements - post here if you have a server you want to advertise 
#partners - our partners 
#promoted-affiliates - servers who link back to us 
#details-on-how-to-connect-with-us - if you are interested in being a @partner or @affiliate, see here
#partner-streamer - announcements from our @partner-streamers

=== Project District ===
#trello-talk-updates - updates about @Taco#0086, the bot related to our [[Trello boards]] 

There are many channels here that relate to one or more projects.

=== Work District ===
#grifkuba-work-requests-and-updates - requests coming in from our [[Main Trello Board]]

There are also channels here related to working for us

=== DO Server District == =
Channels relating to our web hosting server

=== Financial District ===
#grifkuba-treasury - discussions about our expenses, income and more

Channels relating to money

=== Archive District === 
Channels that have been retired and are no longer in use, but archived for historical purposes