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Thus is a draft policy. Please join us here to help us develop it

Grifkuba Gaming Services (along with the sites it hosts and products it makes) is available under Creative Commons License 3.0 BY-SA, unless otherwise noted.

Fan Sites

Many sites hosted are fan sites that run ads which generate revenue for the owner, tacopill. Said revenue is then used to help pay for costs, such as server running fees, domain purchases, cPanel license, etc. These fan sites exist to demonstrate information about Intellectual Propitiates, under fair use rules of copyright law. They do not exist to make money off of said property.

Original Content

Original Content created by members of the group are under said License, unless marked as otherwise. Authors, Creators, Writers, Designers, etc. of Characters, Settings, Monsters, etc. can specify other terms they release their ideas under. If they do so, please respect their wishes and follow their terms.

Our Terms in Layman's

If you wish to use our content for your own private viewing, you can. If you wish to share it with your friends in private, you can. If you wish to share it publicly on a social network, you can so long as you tell others where you got it (this is called "Attribution").

If you are a fan of the of our work and wish to make fan art of it, you can, just give us attribution. You are also allowed to sell it, just attribute us (and we would appricate any donations from selling, but not a requirement).

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