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A note about Step 2

You may notice with, MRPG:Draft_Policies#Step_2:Getting_Community_Feed_Back, i allowed the proposer to place a template down that encourages people to submit feedback through the talk page, rather than contribute them directly. The reason i am recommending this is for people like myself, who would be scared of people introducing material to the draft that would (albeit, unintentionally) push the draft off of its course, draw it away from its intention, etc. It takes a lot of guts to propose a policy, and this helps them keep it from derailing. With the community's permission, i am asking that no one contribute to a draft policy if the proposer has marked it with {{please-stick-to-the-discussions}}. And to anyone who puts that template on their draft, or anyone else's draft, please do not use it as a method for delaying the progress of the draft. Tacopill 03:20, 28 April 2010 (UTC)