Scenario 3

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Scenario 3

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Base Info
Project # 20
Lowercase Project Initials s3
Uppercase Project Initials S3
Stage On-hold
Type Info
Game projects yes

Basic Game Details

The Task You have been given is a Turn-based Strategy similar to the Worms Franchise (but can be either 2D or 3D).

You can choose any art style. You may bring in elements from other genres and play styles, but it can’t deviate so far that can’t be considered a Turn-based Strategy game.

Your Main Weapons in this game are food and anti-food technology (such as a cheese and a cheese grater, a trebuchet to throw donuts, etc.)

For this, you may use any engine of your choosing. Unity, Game Maker, Isogenic, etc.

At a minimum, it needs to be playable and winnable.


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Game Design and Development
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