Scenario 5

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Scenario 5

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Base Info
Project # 56
Lowercase Project Initials s5
Uppercase Project Initials S5
Stage On-hold
Type Info
Game projects yes

Basic Game Details

The Task You have been given is to create game RTS that has similarities to chess.

Here is how a game could proceed, and can be changed throughout the time it is being worked on

The red team starts with 4 characters: 3 Pawns and a King, that they use to gather resources, explore a map, etc. Depending on what the Pawn does, will grant them the ability to move to a more powerful class, such as a Knight or a Bishop.

Rooks are better at Defence, Knights have larger inventories, Bishops are better at Offence, etc.

Select characters may also be available to become a Queen.

The King is the only one who can summon more pawns, and as the game proceeds, other pieces all together, even the Queen. (maybe?)

The game is over when all other Kings on the field are dead.

You can choose any art style.

For this, you may use any engine of your choosing. Unity, Game Maker, Isogenetic, etc.

At a minimum, it needs to be playable and winnable.


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