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There are two "levels" of inventory, in a Set-subset relationship. The general inventory exists for all members of the party, and can be accessed out of battle at any time.

This inventory can be tagged by a character, and all these "tagged" items are accessible to them inbattle, as that fighters personal inventory.


Items are grouped in a variety of ways, often overlapping with one another for one reason or another.

Here are some basic terms and groupings that will be handy to know:

Items that are generally one use only and disappear from the inventory when used.
Special types of consumables include multi-use, rechargeable, etc.
Items that can be attached to a specific character, allowing them to get enhancements and access to Skill Trees.
Key Items
Items that are cruicial to a quest (side or otherwise) or the game overall (as in party functionality).

Items are also tiered based on how rare they are, with the more rare being harder to get, more expensive to buy, more rewarding to sell, more effective to use, possess more restrictions, etc.

  1. Purple - Common, Cheap, etc.
  2. Indigo
  3. Blue - Uncommon
  4. Green
  5. Yellow - Rare
  6. Orange
  7. Red - Super Rare, Expensive, etc.

Items will exist in multiple forms (power level, sability, etc) and can be upgraded to a higher level.

Item Details

All Items have the following fields, regardless of type.

  • Subtypes
    • Potions, Smoke Bombs, Tear Gas, etc.
  • Effect
    • Healing? Damaging?
  • Activeness
    • Passive: Always on while equipped or in an inventory slot
    • Triggered: set up to go off under specific conditions
    • Activated: under the command of the player

The Catalogues

For more, please see: Space Colonizers:The Catalogues

Mana Generation, Storage, etc.