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Base Info
Project # 10
Faction 250
Lowercase Project Initials bw
Uppercase Project Initials BW
Stage Brain Storming
Type Info
Game projects yes
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Forum Archives Barn_Wars
Leader: tacopill
Art Team: open
Programming Team: open
Writing Team: open
Music Team: open
Alpha Testers: TBD
Beta Testers: TBD
Misc / Other: open

Barn Wars is a game project by Grifkuba.

Please join in discussions about this game at Discord Server.

Basic Details

The game is a First Person Shooter in which your goal is to capture the enemy's flag and return it to your base before the time runs out on the clock. Each Character has a basic weapon, and there are upgrades and additional items avalible through a varity of means (pick up on the ground, quatermaster in their home base, etc.)

The theme of the game is "Branyard Punk", a subset of Cattle Punk, focused on weaponized Barn Yard equipment.

The humor, tone and art style of the game is a 3D version of Western Animation, such as Looney Tunes.


  • When the owner leaves, a turf war erupts on the barn.
  • 3 Factions are fighting for control:
The Crusading Cows
Honor Bound Warriors
The Hunting Hens
Combat Pragmatist
The Plotting Pigs
Spys and Stealth


Each faction has 5 characters to choose 3 from in a given battle:

The Crusading Cows The Hunting Hens The Plotting Pigs
Short-range specialist
Mid-range fighter
Long-range fighter

Game Structure

Each game is a single round in a capture-the-flag style of battle. Each Faction is responsible for getting the flags of all the other teams and returning them to their base.


Each character starts the round with a single weapon, with upgrades and other items available through out the battle. These come in a variety of uses:

Terrain Adapters

Can make the terrain more difficult to walk through, easier to walk through, etc.

  • Milk Sprayers
  • Fence posts maker

Capture Implements

These items are designed to capture an opponent for a limited amount of time.

  • Lasso
  • Nets

Projectile Tossers

  • Hay Tosser

The Map

Each map is of a hexagon shape with all sorts of equipment, hay stacks, fences and buildings scattered around.

Concept Art

Goals for the first Month

  • Concept Art
  • Basic Barn Layout
  • Weapon Designs
  • In Unity, have a Barn ready

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