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Level Repayments for Class A Repayments for Class B Repayments for Class C
Level 0 1-5 0 0
Level 1 1-5 5 40
Level 2 1-5 6 45
Level 3 1-5 7 50
Level 4 1-5 8 55
Level 5 1-5 9 60
Level 6 1-5 10 65
Level 7 1-5 11 70
Level 8 1-5 12 75
Level 9 1-5 13 80
Level 10 1-5 14 85

Users purchase coins (for lack of a better name) in exchange for real world money, earning them through being an employee, etc.

This could work as a way to reward volunteers that aren't being paid directly by us. Paid employees can also switch getting money for getting coins.

Note: This is still in draft form

Spending coins

Users then spend coins in a few different options:

  • Banner on the top or bottom of the screen of our Main Site.
  • Premium Blog Posts
  • Sponsoring another user, such as an artist, writer, etc. on the main site by sending them coins
  • Purchasing a copy of a game posted on our main site by giving them coins.
  • Donate them grifkuba, ask us to sponsor them or someone else on patreon, twitch, etc.
  • Set amount towards someone’s goal
  • Contribute to a group, internal or external.
  • This could include using said token to donate to a charity of some sort.
  • Some combination of the above.
  • Ad free viewing on this and other sites? [might be less of an incentive, since ad blocker is common]

Rules pertaining to spending

People with coins can spend them by submitting requests to the Financial Team, who have the power to approve or deny the request. Any approvals will have the money considered "spent", and denials be returned to the request or.

The following are guidelines the team may go by

  1. No coins should be spent on any illegal activity, to a group of a political or religious nature, radical groups, etc.
    • Donating to charities and not-for-profits is fine, so long as they are educational, philanthropic, etc.
  2. Priority of our money itself is given to grifkuba core activities, such as ensuring our Digital Ocean Server is still up and running, then to spending it on coin-related requests.
  3. If said coins is to be used to sponsor someone on Patreon, Twitch, etc., they are subject to policies list on that page.
    • That being said, it is highly recommended that they be a member of the community, such as in our Discord Server. This way, they can advertise what they are doing to our community, network with other members, give feedback on other member's ideas, etc.
  4. Any amount left over from coin only being partially spent is returned to the grifkuba general fund.
    • As an example, if someone spends 2 coins, with each coin being 5 USD each, on something that costs 7 USD, the remaining 3 USD will be handed over back over to grifkuba.
  5. Any amount of coins

Obtaining coins

A user can receive coins in the following ways:

  • Be an Employee:
    • Posting blog posts (including premium ones) [1 coin per 100 viewers?]
    • Stream on our behalf
    • Help out on our projects
  • Allowing grifkuba to advertise on their page of our site. [1 coin per 100 viewers?]
  • Sponsorship from another user.
  • Each time their game is purchased (they can set their own prices) [1 coin per purchase?]
  • Sponsor grifkuba on patreon, twitch, etc.
  • Longevity Rewards, Milestones Rewards, Level ups in XP system, etc.

Users who purchase ad space and users who allow them are given similar options, and see similar, but opposite viewpoint numbers. Some examples if the site has 1000 users:

  1. Someone is looking to put an ad of a tower-style (160x600, as an instance) on the site. They can see the following options and details available to them:
    a) How many people have that option enabled for their page [at 300 people, 30% of userbase, so 3 coins? This would be the base number “a”]
    b) If their ad is of a mature nature (note: NSFW stuff is banned on the site) [+100 people, a+2 coins to give “b”]
    c) How long will it run for? [b x 1 coin per week? If they purchase 4 consecutive weeks, they get 3 days for free; gives “c”]
    d) Which groups are you looking to show to (18-35, 13-18, 10-13, Parents, etc. c x 1 per group, gives “d”]


Once a month, each contractee will be paid according their level and rank. Acting Moderators and Administrators do not get the bonus unless they become the permanent Moderator or Administrator.

Groups: Financial Team
Guides: Contract Guide  •  Employees  •  Experience Points and Levels
Policies: Coins  •  Patreon  •  Twitch  •  Grants