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General Info

The Artist(s)/Programmer(s)/Writer(s)/Director(s)/etc. (hereby called “Contractee”) and Grifkuba agree to a monthly commission and/or sponsorship of said Contractee to the monthly amount of $____ USD (see Monthly Compensation).

Rights, Privileges and Responsibilities:

  1. The Contractee will be responsible for completing a piece of requested work out of a collection from Grifkuba’s Trello Board, or can, through said board, put up ideas for other work.
  2. The Contractee will have no deadline to get it done, in order to favor quality over speed.
  3. The Contractee will have permission to use said work in their own promotions, such as on Social Media outlets like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. They are only asked to mention Grifkuba somewhere in the posting.
  4. The Contractee will have permission to not work on something if something serve should come up, whether it would be for their Mental or Physical Health, for a family member or friend.
  5. The Contractee will have permission to leave this contract, should they feel they are no longer able to perform the duties assigned.
  6. The Contractee will be asked to work with and/or on several teams, squad and divisions, as applicable.
  7. The Contactee will have permission to include said work on portfolios and resumes

  1. Grifkuba agrees to provide chances for work through Trello.
  2. Grifkuba will do its best to keep a pleasant community, and will not pay or treat differently based on sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, age, etc. except where required by law.
  3. Grifkuba will not, at the time, offer Health Insurance.
  4. Grifkuba will pay through Patreon, Paypal or some other means.
  5. Grifkuba will do what it can to help all contractees, whether that is helping promote them on Social Media, provide references on work, etc.

Monthly Compensation System

Each Contractee will be responsible to use the following methods, procedures and programs listed to help keep track of work.

  1. Emails, Invoices, etc. for official conversations between them and Grifkuba.
  2. Trello Cards for Work Submissions and Discussion, gathering of shares, etc.
  3. Chat software, if asked or required, for collaborations, unofficial conversations, etc.


Types Groups

Each team, squad and division will be able to choose who is at what rank, based on their budget and other factors.


Teams come together for a specific set of tasks, such as managing our Web Hosting Server, Discord, etc.

The Financial Team, in specific, will be responsible for giving out money.


Divisions are in charge of one or more projects, such as the various projects under the “Space Colonizers” umbrella, or the standalone “Barn Wars” project.

They decide on what tasks get what experience points.


Squads are brought together under a common interest, talent, skill or other idea. These can include, but are not limited to: Art, Writing, Programming, Social Media, etc.

Each Squad will have an area in the budget for their members, tools, software, etc.


Each Group above has 3 ranks: General Member, Moderator and Administrator.

It is important to note: While the Moderators and Administrators wield more power, this doesn’t put them above the other members of the group, nor does it make them more or less important. They are leaders, not bosses.

Each Group is responsible for deciding who is best suited for which rank.

General Member

General Members are people who have joined a group, payment or not, who don’t have additional responsibilities.


Moderators help the administrator in their duties, such as taking over when they is unavailable, keeping track of who is on what task, etc.

Moderators can be moderators in other groups, and Administrator for 1 other.


Administrators help keep the group on task and focused. If needed, they organize group meetings, set agendas, etc.

They are asked to represent the group to Grifkuba as a whole and are considered “Core Staff” with all the rights and responsibilities that come with.

Someone who is an administrator for one group, can not be an administrator for another, unless it is a temporary “acting” role, until a permanent one can be found.


To help distinguish before the various administrators, each type of group gets to name their positions differently.

Regular Member Moderator Administrator
Team Head
Division Manager
Squad Director

Example of things a group can do together:

All artists in Grifkuba are invited to join the Art Squad, in addition to the division or team they are also on, if any. While they aren’t required to work with or like each other, they are asked to communicate with each other, in order to prevent one stepping on another's toes, and to prevent duplicate work. In addition the group may do any of the following:

  1. Critique each other’s works
  2. Cross-promote each other, such as when one has a commission post listed on tumblr or deviantArt, and another shares said post on twitter. (#ArtSquad)
  3. Collaborate on tasks too large for any one person.
  4. Share contacts, knowledge and resources from inside Grifkuba and outside of it.
  5. For if one of them streams playing a game or streaming some art work, even if the others don’t:
    • Host each other on streams
    • Watch each other’s videos
    • Attend each other’s showings
    • Sit on each other’s broadcasts.
  6. Hold group events and invites
  7. Update the wiki, forums, etc. about the group.

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