Digital Ocean Server Team

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Digital Ocean Server Team

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Base Info
Type Team
Leader tacopill
Relationship to other groups
Supergroup(s) Core Staff
Sibling group(s) Financial Team, Project Management Team, Trello Team, Standards Team and Discord Server Admin Team
Subgroup(s) Website Division, Bot Division, Wiki Team and Repository Team


  • Incharge of our Digital Ocean Server Team, where our website and forums are being hosted. This could include, but not limited to:
    • Updating our forums and website
    • Supervising and managing them, etc.
  • Assist the Website Division by helping them in managing and giving out ideas/advice about their websites.


Chosen by members then by core staff. Current Leaders:

  1. Moydow (Discord)
  2. Soveia (Discord)
Web Design and Development
Related Groups Divisions Website Division • Bot Division
Squads Programming Squad
Teams Digital Ocean Server Team  •  Wiki Team
Projects & Resources Currently Being Worked on Grifkuba-bot  •  PokéBot  •  Main Website  •
On Hold MediaWiki Extensions  •  Twitch Bot