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Education Website

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Base Info
Project # 57
Lowercase Project Initials ew
Uppercase Project Initials EW
Stage Brainstorming
Type Info
Game projects yes
Web projects yes
Education projects yes
Trello Card Link
Leader: tacopill
Art Team: open
Programming Team: open
Writing Team: open
Music Team: open
Alpha Testers: TBD
Beta Testers: TBD
Misc / Other: open


Your task is to create an interactive educational HTML5/CSS3 website, focusing on any of the following:

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, etc.),
  • Mathematics (Arithmetic, Calculus, Logic, Set Theory, etc.),
  • Language (English Literature, LOTE, ESL, Linguistics, etc.),
  • History (The Fall of The Roman Empire, The Warring States of Japan, etc.)
  • Morals
  • Cultural Differences
  • Programming
  • Game Design/Development
  • Anything not covered here

This can be for any Demographic, and of any topic the team chooses.

In doing so, keep in mind the following:

  1. Not every site will meet the demands for every user. Choose which group you plan to go with, and do the best site you can for them.
  2. Include Accessibility Options for The Visually Impaired
  3. Javascript, MYSQL, etc. is recommended, but not required

The most important thing with this, is that each lesson needs to be taught through a game.

For example: have an archery game that teaches about Kinetics, covering such topics as Overall Velocity vs. Directional Velocity, Velocity vs. Speed, Friction caused by Wind Resistance, Changes in Vertical Velocity due to gravity, etc.

Base Game Ideas


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Game Design and Development
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