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Members of Grifkuba can become employees by taking the following steps:

  1. Apply through our Application Form. This will be reviewed by tacopill and other current employees.
  2. If you're accepted by Grifkuba, an offer for a volunteer position will be sent to the your email.
  3. You can either accept or decline the offer, and if accepted, the roles will be applied to them on Discord (or other places as its needed to be)

The prospective and current employees can also discuss with us alternative offers, switching from one group to another in their offer, adding additional groups, etc.

Many tasks handled by our employees are done through our Trello board(s).

About us

See also: Help:About Us.

We're a network for game enthusiasts, developers and other creative individuals, providing hosting and developing games together.

About working for us


To get started you must fill out an application before any offers can be made, no questions. You may hold off on applying right now because a more advanced application form will be worked on and implemented into the site. Some employee hires will be a special case depending on the employee and their circumstances, such as an employee that has a lot of skill already, or has a higher need for income. These offers will be for some side money in addition to a regular job, some extra cash when you are between jobs, resume builders, portfolio builders, things you can use to advertise yourself on social media, etc.

Class C Employment

If you are offered a job in the Class C level, you must provide, if you have not already, more information to back up on whether that is where you should be placed. If you cannot provide the information, or decide that you are not fit for Class C at the moment, you may be placed at a lower tier. Getting into Class C requires a good amount of effort so if you're attempting to apply for this tier, you will want to have a good portfolio on your work.

Leaving Grifkuba

If you stop communications with Tacopill, mention that you wish to leave, or just quietly leave repeatedly, you will no longer be considered an employee. Leaving the Discord server when you are waiting for work is not recommended, lurking until you need something to do is a much better alternative than leaving and rejoining many times. If you feel that work is becoming too much for you then you do not have to worry about losing your spot as an employee as long as you mention these concerns. There are resources for mental health at everyone's disposal if they need.

About Class Upgrading

There are a few factors that determine whether employees are eligible such as: length of employment, your XP and Level, the needs of Grifkuba, what the employee can offer Grifkuba, age, and budgeting. There will be a spreadsheet and a queue system, as employees do more work, and stay a part of Grifkuba they will be pushed up higher into the queue, and when the sheet is up-to-date employees may ask for their placement in the queue. The main goal of this system is to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to advance in Class. Class C offers may occur quarterly or monthly, whereas Class B offers may occur monthly, or even weekly. This system is not final and may change at any moment.

If an employee is offered a class upgrade, you as an employee are perfectly allowed to turn it down if you wish. Employees do not have to move from one class to another sequentially, placements can occur anywhere at any time. A class A employee can be bumped up to Class C, and the opposite can be just as possible.


Employees may be paid in a few ways that the employee can choose from:

  • Patreon pledges based on our policy, the employee's tiers and Patreon's guidelines.
  • Twitch within our guidelines and Twitch's tier structure as well as Twitch's guidelines.
  • Sending Grifkuba an invoice directly on PayPal.
  • Receive direct payment with PayPal.
  • More options are possible in the future, with links for anything in question accessible.

Employee Classification

Class A: Volunteer

  • A volunteer employee are those who aren't getting paid for their work, rather are doing stuff for experience, references, internships, etc.
  • Volunteers have a higher chance of becoming paid employees, once they clear any other requirements, in comparison to those who are hired outright.
  • While anyone can apply for this position, this is somewhat ideal for people in High School, College, etc.
  • Recommended to put in 2-3 hours/month.

Class B: Low Paid

  • Paid employees are those getting paid for their work, on top of experience, references, etc.
  • They need to be 18 and over, but exceptions can be made.
  • They can receive up to a starting at $25/month, and maximum of $599 USD/year. This will raise with their levels.
  • Recommended to put in 2-3 hours/month.

Class C: High Paid

  • Paid employees are those getting paid for their work, on top of experience, references, etc.
  • They required to be 18 and over, no exceptions.
  • They can receive up to a starting amount $200 USD/month. This will raise with their levels.
  • Recommended to put in 13 hours/month.


All employees, volunteered or paid, receive Experience Points for their work with us, and after enough experience points level up.

By default, each individual gets 10 Experience Points (XP) per month they work for one of the groups of Grifkuba, amounting to 2-3 hours of work or the equivalent of $25. This increases as time passes.

Group Leaders decide if enough work has been done to qualify you for the XP you're getting, using their own rubrics for quality and quantity. These rubrics need to follow our policies, but can expand on top of them as wanted.

Employees can also earn additional XP by helping on general Grifkuba tasks, helping other groups as requested, etc. No money will be earned by this, but it will help paid employees get raises on their monthly amounts; and volunteers could start off at a higher amount if and when they are offered a paid position for us.


Main article: Coins.

Employees may be given coins in return for helping us out, working on our projects, taking care of tasks on our Trello Board, and more.

Paid employees can spend these to get real life money, which both can put in requests as described on the Coins page.


Main article: Groups.

Exclusively employees

Mix of employees and non-employees

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