Experience Points and Levels

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Repayments can be done through Patreon, Twitch and/or directly, depending on various circumstances and details.

Level XP to level up XP Total
Level 0 0 0
Level 1 120 120
Level 2 123 243
Level 3 127 370
Level 4 132 502
Level 5 135 637
Level 6 139 776
Level 7 143 919
Level 8 148 1067
Level 9 152 1219
Level 10 156 1375

Experience Points

Each Completed Piece of Work with give Experience Points, and with enough Experience Points, they can move up a level (level is global within Grifkuba).

If said work is finished before the last 5 days of the month, then any level increases will take place immediately, affecting the Monthly Compensation for the upcoming month.

If After the last 5 days, they may move up a level, but it won’t take effect until the month after.

The Amount of Experience Given for a piece of work will be listed on the respective Trello Card.


Level 1 and upward

Each new contractee who has experience and/or a portfolio, and has permission from the core staff and respective group, can start at Level 1. There maybe an application process involved at a future date.

Level 0

People interested in becoming a contractee, such as someone who is just learning how to be an artist or steamer, can join a team to receive training and critiquing in the related skills. These start at Level 0 and can earn experience points for their work.

Upon reaching Level 1, they can submit an application process to become a contractee.

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