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The game kit is a collection of resources our members have created and/or put together, that can be used in game projects, similar to a Role Playing Game core book.

This set will be released in sets and published in editions. These will be updated and refined over time.

As time goes on, the core materials are updated and refined, and new games can be made under, while old games can be updated to, these new standards.

Other people can contribute to the core material without losing ownership of their idea, with someone acting as a curator/release manager.


You are free to use the resources here, and even place your story in our multiverse, so long as you follow the following rules:

  • You need to identify the version of the game kit you are using
  • In the event of an update to kit, you do need to update your project to minor adjustments, but not to major ones. (so, from 1.0 to 1.1, but not to 2.0)
  • If a resource you use has attributes other than the main one, please include it in your credits.
  • You are free to adapt these to meet other genres you intend to have your project in
  • Cite us as a source: tell people where you got the idea, link back to us in doing so, and if they are interested, they can come here as well.
  • If you use the content for profit, please consider donating to help run the services. Not a requirement, just a suggestion.


The resources are as follows

  1. Planets and locations within, all part of a vast multiverse
  2. Monsters
  3. Class System