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Unfortunately, there is always copyright issues when it comes to sharing ideas. If needed, I was going to come up with an policy that basically states:

Part 1

All submissions become property of grifkuba gaming services. All members of GGS are allowed to use any property of GGS, so long as they attribute it towards GGS and the original author (if the original author requests).

Part 2

Requests and release notices of the author should be honored, and if none are given, assume the author's submission is released under the CC-3.0-BY-NC-SA.

Part 3

We request all authors release their work under CC-3.0-BY-NC-SA in order to allow people to work in non-commercial means, without needing to ask for full permission, unless something better is offered or available to you. The author is allowed to make additional, subsequent, substitute or supplemental requests so long as the requests do not go against the the principles GGS was founded under.

Often, you will see one of these associated with the contribution you are seeking.

These are other licenses an author can release their work under.


Although this is may only come into play if copyright, ownership or usage is an issue.

Thanks to the RPGMakerVX Forums for help in developing this.

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