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In other languages Italiano: Opzioni di Hosting

  • We do not provide web design or web development services.
  • We do not build websites for our clients, only give resources for our clients to build their own.

Overall Details:

Grifkuba’s Digital Ocean Server Team has the right to:

  • Inspect a site with good reason, such as suspected presence of malware
  • Get general detail about an account, such as how much Hard Drive Space occupancy.

Our team offers 3 options to anyone who asks, with the exception of those who have been dismissed from the server for previous negative behavior. Additional options can be set up, for sites and services that we help out, but need a separate server to do it on.

These Options are on a per-site basis, and one asker can ask for us to host multiple sites. (e.g. Someone can hold an Option 2 site and then ask for an Option 0 site.)

Options will have limits, that are flexible and can be upgraded. (see #Expanding the limits without switching options).

People who are in charge of a site are described as the “site owner”. Site Owners can appoint “site representatives”, to act as a liaison between the site and our team.

General Rules

  1. Each site is responsible for ensuring they are up-to-date with all of their software, plugins, scripts, etc.
    • If your site is running Wordpress, Joomla or any other commonly attacked CMS, it must be kept updated, if not updated within a reasonable timeframe, your site may be suspended.
  2. All new subsites need to be told to a member of the GGS Server Team (GGSST) to ensure it gets recorded in the team's files.
  3. Members of GGSST always work with a sites staff, never overriding them unless it is needed
  4. Concerning downtime:
    • Scheduled takedowns of the server, or any site on it, will be announced on forums and reposted on facebook, google+, or wherever the site has a community page
    • Unscheduled shutdowns, will be posted about on the community page, if they can't be fixed immediately.
  5. Hosting accounts come with backup tools, as such, backups are primarily the user's responsibility. Grifkuba takes regular backups and can provide them, but takes no responsibility on their age if data loss is caused by the user.
  6. In case hosting rules are violated, the site will be suspended. The owner of the site has to contact the team to resolve the issue. We follow a three-strikes system unless there is a severe rule violation. Third strike is final if not successfully appealed.
  7. Any illegal content, if deemed to be intentional on site staff's part, will result in automatic account termination, there are no appeals. No backups will be provided if your account is terminated for illegal content.
  8. Prohibited content:
    • Illegal content
    • Adult content
    • Racist content
    • Copyrighted material without proper rights


Option 0

  • Sites that are for personal use and for non-profit organization or groups.
  • Limited to 300 MB of Hard Drive Space. If a site is close to, at or above this threshold, the server team may change them to one of the other options.
  • Free with no ads.
  • They still are the owners of their sites.
  • We only link to them on our site with their permission as affiliate.

Option 1

  • Sites that are for commercial use, companies, start ups, wikis, and other sites that will need more that the Option 0 package can fulfill.
  • Limited to 10 GB of Hard Drive Space.
  • Free, but we ask them to let us advertise on their site
  • Some are Ours, others are theirs
  • Shown on our main page as affiliates or as things we own.

Approved applicants will receive ad-related code and account details sometime after receiving an approval email. Failure to show this code, or any ads generated by it, may result in the account being suspended until the situation has been fixed.

Option 2

  • Sites that basically are renting from us and can be commercial or noncommercial.
  • Limited to 10 GB of Hard Drive Space.
  • Theirs
  • $5/month, Doesn't show our ads (unless they permit us)
  • Show on our main page as affiliates (if we have their permission)

An invoice sent to the applicant's email address asking for upfront payments, with account details sent to user sometime after recieving said payments.

Future invoices will be sent sometime later (30 days later or the 1st of the next month) and the user will have 7 days to pay. Failure to pay the invoice will have the site suspended until payments are received.

Expanding the limits without switching options

Counts toward this:

  • Years of staying hosted with us
  • Being an active member on our discord, website, etc. where they are helping people with their game design, web development, art, writing, etc.
  • Joining 2 or more groups (e.g. squads, teams, divisions, etc) within Grifkuba and being active with them
  • Recommending us to others

Doesn’t count towards this

  • Serving as staff on a specific site that we own or host
  • Serving as staff for our Discord Server.

Applying for a website to be hosted with us

Interested applicants can fill out this google form and submit to the DO Server Staff, where they can be reviewed and voted upon, which may take up to 7 days.

Please do not directly contact us considering your application during or after the review process. We will only contact you if we have agreed to host your website.

Sites that will automatically be turned down include the following:

  • Anything Roblox (not including pure community sites)
  • Resellers
  • Social Media Sites (not including community sites for a game series etc.)
  • People who have applied and been rejected 5 times.
  • People who have been dismissed from our community (forums, discord server, etc.) for disruptive behavior.


Accounts will be inspected at least once every 3 months/quarter (on or around the 1st of January, April, July and October) and as often as the team finds it necessary to do so. Accounts failing the inspection will suspended until any problems have been cleared up.

Suspended accounts

Suspended accounts will have until the end of the following quarter before their information will be deleted off of the server. e.g. If they are suspended on the 1st of February, they will have until 30th of June to clear things up.