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Leader: tacopill
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Current Phase: Planning
Please contribute to this project by planning out ideas. Please do not move sections to their own pages unless the project page becomes too large.

The Ihmiis (Ee-mee), is a life simulation game similar to the Sims series that should remain on PC, Mac, or Linux (possible Steam support for such game). The game will run like the Sims does, but our goal would be to make a better experience than what has been provided in EA's The Sims series.

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Ihmis is a life simulation game in which you can play as pre-built families in the games or make your own. There is no limit on how long you can play, unless your family dies or you choose to make a new save, similar to The Sims. The game will consist of an overworld similar to the Sims 3, so you can see your neighbors walking around or driving around the town. Other Ihmiis (people) in the game will have their stories progress alongside yours, running on a separate process (if possible) to reduce game lag.

Base Game Ideas


  • Keep the game at 30 or 60 FPS. Do not have infinite like Sims 3 tends to do. It burns graphics cards.
  • Allow mods to game for zany things. Includes making models of copyrighted characters? Put a disclaimer.
  • Allow funny cheats. :)


  • Open world like Sims 3

Individual Sims

  • Every custom Ihmii will be made in a creation program like The Sims.
    • You can create the Ihmii with sliders to make fatter Ihmii, skinnier, etc. Let's try to make it similar to The Sims 4 creation tool.
    • You can choose your Ihmii personality. Let's make it more detailed to make more interesting Ihmii.
      • Let's try and make extrovert Ihmii and introvert ones.
    • Ihmii have emotions like in Sims 4, but we should widen the emotion aspect and make more interesting emotions. Like if a Ihmii is in a nice house they are "amazed" or "happy". If they are in a run down house that is messy and cockroach infested, give them a "sad" or "disgusted" emotion.
  • Ihmii have life goals that they want to complete. However, instead of having a main goal like in Sims 3, there are a check mark list, like:
    • "Graduating High School"
    • "Graduating College"
    • "Moving Out"
    • "Get Married
    • "Get a house"
    • "Have kids
      • ^ ...of course some of the above will be different depending if the Ihmii does not want to have a kid or get married.
  • Ihmiis will gain skills. Skills include
    • Cooking
    • Reading
    • Logic
    • Repair
    • Fitness
    • Sex (higher skill, more pleasure, less chance of accidents).
    • Other skills (feel free to add onto this).
  • Ihmiis have needs:
    • Hunger/Thirst
    • Bathroom
    • Hygiene
    • Fun
    • Social
    • Sleep
    • Sex (when of a proper age... decreases slowly)
  • Ihmiis are given random likes and dislikes that effect the above, like
    • Preference of sweet, salty, bitter, etc. food and drink, and it influences how much happiness they get from eating a specific type of food
    • Similarly, what type of fun: interactive, athelitic, puzzle solving, etc.
    • How much of an introvert, extrovert, shyness or anything else they are.
    • If they are a night person, morning person, etc.
  • LGBT marriages will be included so not to discriminate.
  • Neighbor Ihmiis will have their stories progress along with yours.
    • They will be able to marry anyone in town with a compatible type.
      • Incompatible types will eventually divorce or other fun things will happen (such as a young Ihmii marrying an older one and the older one dies suddenly or naturally so the younger Ihmii gets all their money.)
  • Ihmiis can hold or lose jobs. There should be a better job story progression than what is seen in the Sims.
  • Ihmii can apply to jobs by use of the newspaper, phone, and computer. Depending on the job, a Ihmii may leave their house to go to the job to put in a paper application. If using the phone or computer, they can send a resume via email to the employer.
    • Like in real life, there maybe a chance they get hired or not. The higher their skills are that relate to the job (example: Fitness for a Fire Fighter or Basketball player), the more changes they have to get the job.
    • Places will only hire if they are short staffed.
    • Another process for the game will determine the economy while monitoring how you and your neighbors buy and sell. This will make companies hire, fire, or go out of business or expand.
      • If a business hires, it is put into the job boards in the newspaper, phone, and computer.
      • If a business fires, it is noted in the newspaper, phone, and computer that these businesses are downsizing.
      • If a business goes out of business, the building is abandoned and owned by the city. Another Ihmii can purchase the building and run it.
      • If a business expands, if not owned by the player, the game will randomly choose a plot of land and build a new building.
        • A business will only expand if their profits are above 200% or more?
        • Animate the new building with construction workers (a possible career for your Ihmiis?)
        • The building that is built is pre-selected from buildings we already built for the game. If it is an office building, it gets another office. If it's a shop, it gets another shop building, etc.
  • Ihmiis can do freelance work and be paid for it.
  • Ihmiis can go to school.
    • Kids go to elementary and teens go to middle school and high school.
    • Adults can go to College and Universities. They can either pay for it, get a loan, or work to pay for college.
      • Adults can get different degrees. This helps them get better jobs.
  • Include pets in the base game
    • Pets act like Ihmiis in terms of emotions and needs.
      • Start off with dogs, cats, hamsters/rodents, and fish.
  • Ihmiis can get sick.
    • The game randomly generates a cold or flu bug to run rampant.
    • Includes chronic diseases.
  • Ihmiis and pets can die... obviously
    • Natural deaths occur randomly. Less as kids, more as elders.
    • Random deaths, like heavy item collapses on them--ala the wall bed thing in Sims.
    • Natural disasters can cause death.
      • Tornadoes can appear and destroy the city and Sims homes.
      • Lightning can strike and kill a Ihmii.
      • Floods can happen and kill.
  • Money stuff:
    • Using a money cheat causes the games economy to go haywire. It's like printing more money and this messes up the value of the "dollar".
    • Pick a money symbol from using an html element here: http://dev.w3.org/html5/html-author/charref
    • You can buy stocks.
    • Eventually we'll include a money making tree.
  • Life Stages (we may go from stage to stage, instead of year to year)
    • Preborn (-1-0)
    • Younging (0-4)
    • Kid (5-9)
    • Preteen (10-13)
    • Teenager (13-18)
    • Young Adult (18-24)
    • Full Adult (24-35)
    • Middle Age (35-50)
    • Old Age (50+)
  • Reproduction & Gestation is based on a series of calculations and random factors:
    1. Health and compatibility of both partners (cycle does play a role in real life, but probably won't cover it in the game). If successful, proceed to step 2
    2. How many eggs were released by the female? 1 is statistically most likely, but there is a chance they release more than one. In the case there is more than one, the resulting babies will be as different as regular siblings.
    3. How many zygotes are gotten from one egg? 1 is, again, most likely. But if it breaks into two (a 1 in 150 chance) or more, than the babies will be physically the same, but mentally different, have different personalities, etc.
    4. During the growing process for each baby, the computer will decide randomly which of the parents physical base traits the baby inherits (babies, in the case of identical twins). After that, which mental traits it will inherit. This will establish the sims "nature", and once born, its "nurture" can start off.
  • Note: To avoid controversial topics, the births will probably happen unimpeded, and abortion will never be needed or an option. This is not to say the game is "pro-life" or "anti-choice"; just to avoid the headaches that could come with including those options. Similarly, no miscarriages, birth defects, etc.

Any missing ideas will be added later.


Fantasy Expansion

  • Ihmiis can become:
    • Wizards/Witches/Warlocks... Basically any spellcaster.
    • Zombies
    • Werewolves
    • Vampires
    • Fairies
    • Elves
    • Half-Breeds
      • Either half breeds of the above or:
      • Be part animal, like:
        • A cat-human
        • Dog-human
        • Bird-human
        • Dragon-human
        • etc.
  • New pets:
    • Unicorns
    • Dragons
      • Can be good or evil and can be ridden on.
  • Skills
    • Spellcasters:
      • Potion Brewing
      • Spellcasting
    • Zombies:
      • Hunting
    • Werewolves:
      • Hunting
      • Transformation
      • Transformation Transfer
    • Vampires:
      • Hunting
      • Seduction (to lure the person somewhere to get a bite of them to eat)
    • Fairies
      • ?
    • Half-Breeds
      • Gains the same skills from parents.
    • Cat-Human
      • ?
    • Dog-Human
      • ?
    • Bird-Human
      • Flying
    • Dragon-human
      • Flying
      • Elemental Control

Any missing ideas will be added later.


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