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Base Info
Project # 53
Lowercase Project Initials pow3
Uppercase Project Initials pow3
Stage On-hold
Type Info
Game projects yes

Basic Game Details

One-Shot Campaign Idea: you are all POWs during the third world war. Dr. Von Death, Evil Warlord of your imprisoning country, has managed to capture you, some other people, including President of The World, Max Tappegan He has left you and your fellow co-captees alone, in which one of you decide to start up a conversation. Which is where the Campaign would start. Things that could be talked about, only as examples: - Which nation are they from? Is it one from today or one that comes into existence between now and then? Etc. - Why did they join the United Armed Forces? Or are they civilians? - Are they badass enough to save the president?

  • "the president is just a figurehead and can be replaced. we need to get weapons, escape and assault supply lines until we can link back up with our lines at which point we can give them a lay out of the camp and plan a raid" - John M.
  • "*JFK impersonation* Ask not if you are a bad enough dude to rescue the president. Ask if the president is a bad enough dude to rescue me!"- Ryan M.

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Game Design and Development
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