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Sponsoring to Us

All funds will be used to provide better hosting technology which will be used to innovate our gaming engine and online services for better streamlined gameplay, to aid in overall costs such as graphics artists, music editors, map designers, domain name costs and server costs.

For more info about out expenses, please look at our Discussion about Expenses.


Pledge $1 or more a month

  • Be named in the credits for helping on our games get off the ground
  • Become a merchant in our Discord Server (Discord Account Required)

Pledge $5 or more a month

  • Get a NPC made in your honor
  • Be named in the credits on our front page (if you are OK with that)
  • All $1 Rewards

Pledge $10 or more a month

  • Help us select an artist, writer, programmer or other person to sponsor.
  • All $5 Rewards

Sponsoring and/or Followed By Us