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After joining the Discord Server, the person can assign themselves fun roles, get interviewed by a ninja for hobby roles and assigned other roles as needed by admins.

Hobby Roles

The hobby roles include Artist, Writer, Musician, 3D Modeller, Graphic Artist, Streamer and more.

All hobby roles can access treasury channel and are mentionable for people who are looking for feedback on their work.

Some hobby roles have access to additional channels, additional features, etc.


Streamers can see private streaming channel.

Social Media / Public Relations roles


Cross-list us on their partner channel, we list them on our affiliate channel. Needs approval from Social Media Squad.


Main article: Partners.

Cross-list us on their partner channel, we list them on our partner channel. Needs approval from a member of the core staff.


Partner-Streamers are ones who have partnered by listing us as described in “Partner” above, and are a streamer. (to put it another way, they already have the roles “Partner” and “Streamer”)

They are asked to list our server on their stream and/or in their server that is dedicated to their stream community.

In return, they are listed in the “Partner” channel, just like other partners, and can post when they go live to a public read-only channel.

They will also be eligible for sponsorship on Twitch (Tier 1 in the first year, Tier 2 in the second) and YouTube (I don’t know how YouTube does it)

For Tier 3, see below.


Main article: Employees.

Everyone with a hobby role, along with other roles, can apply to be an employee through the form linked on the server. These can be volunteer or paid.

Those who apply are then reviewed by tacopill, and then those that grifkuba can use will join one or more squads, divisions and teams.



Squads are in charge of a specific area, such as Art, Writing or Music.

They have a budget to execute its tasks.

These include but are not limited to:


Divisions are in charge of one or more projects, such as a game project or a web project

They hold creative control over their respective project.

These include but are not limited to:


Teams are the “other” or “misc.” groups that don’t fit into one of the other groups.

These often supervise a part of grifkuba that uses external software or tools, such as Discord Server or Forum Software.

These include but are not limited to:

Opportunities for Employees

Employees that are 18 and older, can receive compensation for their effort and time in the form of cash, sponsorship on Patreon and/or Twitch, or something else.

The starting amount is $25/month, which can go up as they do work for us, maxing out at $45/month.

Partner-Streamer & Employee

Employees who are also listed as a partner-streamer can qualify to get Tier 3 sponsorship.

These streamers will also be asked to devote time to streaming their work for grifkuba, streaming games we are related to (such as a wiki we host, or a game we have helped develop).