Scenario 11

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Scenario 11

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Base Info
Project # 67
Lowercase Project Initials s11
Uppercase Project Initials S11
Stage On-hold
Type Info
Game projects yes

Basic Game Details

Your task is to create a hex-based game based on one of the following scenarios

Some of the mechanics would only work in a given scenarios, while others might work more than one. Not sure how many will work for all of them.

Given that, I am thinking we might have the player choose a scenario that isn't heavily tied story- or scene-wise to others ones.

some ideas that come to mind that would be on the more simple end of the spectrum:

  • Battle of Gettysburg in the American Civil War
  • Invading a member of the Central Powers during WWI (trench warfare might work well in hex formats)

With these, you have groups of units you need to move around the field, turning more and more territory over to your side of the battle. They would be people-vs.-people, people-vs.-nature, nations-vs.-nations (with the hexs now representing larger portions of land), etc. Resources are limited, and resupplies need to be airlifted in or brought in from the edge of the screen.

As you get to more larger parts of the spectrum, or cross into sci-fi or fantasy, other things start to become available:

  • Help the Alpha Centurians build a satellite communication network between them and Earth, a 4.37-light year distance, with a spaceship that can get at most 2x light speed (here, your goal is to make it out to a specific hex, place satellite, then move to the next hex). Sometimes satellites get destroyed by malicious parties, random cosmic events, etc, that require you to go back and put new ones down.
  • Help the Elves win a battle Orcs. Once a group of hexs is covered, the player can set up a unit summoner in middle of a field to summon more units.

This is similar to how each map in Heroes of the Storm have unique things not found on other maps.

Each "squad" can be made of one or more units (whether that an individual person or group ships), and certain types of units are better at certain things and worse at others. These can include:

  • Seeing beyond Fog of War
  • Internal Inventory (bullets, fuel, etc.)
  • Skills at Long Range Combat
  • Types of Weapons
  • Abilities in specific environments (such as moving through water)
  • How many hexes can they cover in one turn?
  • Abilities to call for outside support

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