Social Media Squad

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Social Media Squad

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Base Info
Type Squad
Leader Aperture_Labs
Relationship to other groups
Supergroup(s) Financial Team
Sibling group(s) Art Squad, Writing Squad, Programming Squad, Music Squad, and Stream Squad

Social Media Squad is responsible for maintaining and using our Social Media Pages, including but not limited to:


  1. Keep pages active
  2. Respond to inquiries in a timely fashion
  3. Reply to public postings in an appropriate manner
  4. Promote activities, both through Grifkuba and its partners
  5. Give Shoutouts
  6. Retweet, Share, etc. the pages of a our partners, followers, etc.
  7. Follow related pages of friendly groups
  8. Post grifkuba-related ads on servers that allow it, in accordance to the server's rules
  9. Occasionally check up partner messages and request that they be updated as needed
  10. Keep track of messages of our partners and affiliates, along with other messages, placed in the advertising areas


The leader of the squad is the Director. They are chosen based on the options of the rest of the squad and then approved by the Core Staff.