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This is an informal listing of all the potential teams one can face in the game.

Feel free to edit or add to any existing ones, propose new ones, or suggest why one would not work out.

Each team should include the following details, in the order listed:

  • Basic Aesthetic/Theme:
    • Are they warriors with a theme of the natural?
    • Do they dress in Victorian British attire?
    • Are they from a planet with a more metal-themed approach to things?
  • Central Strategy:
    • Do they center around one individual, or is every member of the team equally important?
    • Do they all focus on long range tactics, or are all melee fighters?
    • Do they all use ice magic?
    • Do they all focus on defence (physical and/or magical)?
    • Do they all focus on Damage Over Time moves?
  • Individual Combatants:
  • Situation:
    • Are they another team, fighting for the championship?
    • Villains out for World Domination?
    • Wild Non-Human Animals, trying to survive?
    • Predators hunting prey?

A lot of these will overlap with Quests, but are, more or less, an independent part of the game. A quest can have many battles, few or even none; and battles can sometimes be fought without being a part of a quest in the first place.

Revolutionary Warriors

  • Basic Aesthetic/Theme: A group of 3-5 people who dress like they are about to fight in the American revolutionary war.
  • Central Strategy: One of characters is modeled after George Washington, the General from the time, and well known for being humble, but incredibly pragmatic. Which could be one of the reasons why they have Rayguns. (The other could be that over time, many details of the battle were lost, and the people of that period actually thought the war was fought with past-for-them technology).
  • Individual Combatants:
  • Situation: For the most part, this team has little to do with the main plot, but can come up in side quests, arena battles, or play into another overarching story that is started here.

The (Red?) Mage Brigade

  • Basic Aesthetic/Theme: All are dressed in Wizard and Wizardess Outfits, possibly all Red.
  • Central Strategy: Each Combanant has the same moveset, elemental subtype-wise, but different ways of going about it. For example, they all know fire magic, but only one of them knows any Ball-spells.
  • Individual Combatants:
    • George - A ball player, knows many of the Ball and Projectile Skills, he is proficient at long range moves. Carries on him non-magical projectiles as well.
    • Carl - The swordsman of the team, he carries a sword that changes with the element that is casted on to it. He is proficient at Melee Skills.
    • Fred - Team Healer.
    • Amy - Damage over Time specialist.
    • Mimi - Area of Effect specialist.
    • Sora - Status Effect specialist.
  • Situation: They are an up-and-coming sports team, and similar to Samantha, they are also trying to go for a championship and become professional battlers.

  • Basic Aesthetic/Theme: A group of Holiday-themed superheros (American-style), such as Santa Man and Easter Avenger.
  • Central Strategy: Diverse Team, with each combatant randomly chosen from the following:
  • Individual Combatants:
    • Santa Man - has numerous mutant powers, like folding space-time, reading people's morality, communicating with reindeer, and impressive memory. Also is a mage with Summoning Powers.
    • Easter Avenger - dresses as a bunny, fires Pastel-Colored Eggs and Heals teammates with candy.
    • The Cupid - able to immobilize people with overwhelming feelings of happiness, effectively pacifying them.
    • Chanukah - ???
    • Kwanza - ???
  • Situation: Sports Team.

  • Basic Aesthetic/Theme: A team of 5 in Japanese-Style Superhero suits, modeled after a Pirate, a Ninja, a Robot, a Zombie and a Dinosaur (not sure on last one).
  • Central Strategy:
  • Individual Combatants:
  • Situation:

  • Basic Aesthetic/Theme:
  • Central Strategy:
  • Individual Combatants:
  • Situation: