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Battle of the Factions

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Base Info
Project # 25
Lowercase Project Initials sc-botf
Uppercase Project Initials SC-BOTF
Stage On-hold
Type Info
Game projects yes

Basic Game Details

The game is played on a hexagonal map, representing a section of space, in which one or more players selects a hexagon from an adjacent one.


Ability to negotiate treats with interested parties
Willingness to fight without self-preservation kicking in
  • If morale drops too low, there's a chance that the player is overthrown by people within their faction.

Hexes not under the player's control

If the targeted hex is inhabited, the player is giving the following options, as needed/applicable:

Option Description Option Notes
Enter into a business relationship, in which they can purchase one or more supplies from the occupants of the planet
Enter into one of several types of treaties (like a non-aggression pact or one of neutrality)
Attack and attempt to take over
  • If they win, they'll need to now defend the territory, allocate budget to pay military and such, etc. There's a risk of destroying the thing they are trying to get, so they might need to repair it. Morale will get a boost.
  • If they lose, they suffer setbacks to morale.

Hexes under the player's control

  • Host a shipyard to make ships, uses money and materials
  • Mine materials to use


  • 16 factions, 8 are tech-based with some magic, 8 are magic-based with some tech.
  • Some, but not all, of these factions will survive into the events of Seekers of the Aether.

Media to look for as inspiration

  • Star Trek (in specific DS9)
  • Civilization
  • StarCraft
  • Advanced Wars(?)

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Game Design and Development
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