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This game is a 2D Tactical RPG at its core, with ideas brought in from other genres (even beyond Video Games) such as platformers. The players are investigators/police/etc. filling a role similar to police procedures. They stop a crime from going on, investigate deaths, enforce the rules, etc.

There is one Myth Arc touched upon at various points, but there are also some episodic plots instead. As the missions come to completion, they are promoted within an organization, until the end of the game.

While the goal isn’t to be socially revolutionary, and this exists simply to tell stories, there may be topics of a more adult nature than one may guess coming in. The player’s preconceptions may be challenged, and he/she may even get upset. But at no time, are we trying to shove a message down their throat.

The Barebone's play options

  1. Player’s name
  2. Player’s faction
    • Gives the player and the team their equipment
  3. Who on the party is in the active party
    • What equipment do they get
    • What items do they hold?

Role of Player and Main Character

  • The player character starts out with the police force, but gets into Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, etc. happenings where they must recruit 9 shape shifters throughout the game
  • The player character becomes the 10th, the aether one
  • He starts the Shape shifting faction

Main Objectives

The main goals of the player are two fold: 1) complete the Myth Arc, which will end in the main character becoming the Aether elemental shape shifter; And 2) Get their group recognized as a faction.

The first happens automatically as one plays the game. The second takes a bit more work to get done.

To get faction, they need the following:

  1. Get a vote from the majority of the faction council, which at the time is at least 7, or 6 plus, a tiebreaker vote.
  2. Approval of the President of the Federation.

Approval of the Council Members

Each council member will vote on something based on the loyalty points they have towards the individuals that refers to or effects. This represents them voting on behalf of the faction, which enough Loyalty Points represents them being in the faction’s high favors. (Out of 9 points, the player needs 5 to gain this status for faction).

In addition, having enough points will have the faction give you better quests to go on, granting better rewards upon completion of those.

Approval of the President

Approval comes from the completion of the second independent arc, in which you were kidnapped and put in a cage with him. You rescue him; he says he will do things for you, like opening up rare quests, voting for you, etc.




  • Move
  • Shift (for elemental shape shifters, unavailable to everyone else)
  • Talk
  • Use Item
  • Attack
    • Basic
    • Technique
    • Spell
  • Defend
    • Basic
    • Technique
    • Spell
  • Other
    • Basic
    • Technique
    • Spell

If something is unavailable permanently for someone, the menu option never shows up. If they are available, but disabled temporarily, they are there but grayed out.

"skills that can't be used should be invisible by default unless there's a good chance that the character can use them later in the same battle (e.g. if it's just a mana requirement). wouldn't want to see tons of bow and axe skills cluttering up the menu when the character has a sword and won't be able to use them"

Menu Option Situation Colorization
Available like this
Disabled, but only temporary like this
Haven't Learned doesn't show up