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There are 13 factions in all, each with a diverse selection of species, some of which overlap. Each faction has members from every social class and is backed by rich people (some are benevolent, others aren't).

These factions are:

Name Basic Details Gameplay Focus Other Details
The Matriarchal Miners Capable of mining any material from any source. Life energy from a living being all the way to hydrogen from a star. Mana Generation and Regeneration, Endurence regeneration, etc. Other details.
The Defenders of Antioch A religious order who specializes in teaching defence-based magical and martial arts in order to protect and/or a preserve Antioch, which is a merger of the idea of a soul and chi. Teaches about and Trains in Defensive Techniques, Magic, etc. Other details.
The Labor's Guild A group of low-level workers for the Federation. These are the plumbers and carpenters, masonry workers and engineers. They build the ships, weapons, etc. that help society function. (they don't mine) Makes available faster modes of transportation, such as inter-city and inter-stellar transports. Might also include giant robots, mechanical suits, etc. Other details.
The Intelligence Trust A group who is smarter than you. These include, but aren't limited to: scientists, programmers, mathematicians, etc. They designed all the software in use by the Federation, and are rich enough to have multiple trust funds. Makes available methods of earning money beyond government salary. Other details.
The Bounty Hunters Exactly as titled. They collect bounties for a fee, sometimes even on their own members. Offensive Counter-part to the The Defenders of Antioch. They may issue their own bounties.
The Culinary League Cooks, chefs, etc. Makes available food items Shapeshifting into different foods, categorized by cuisine?
Beast Master Union a group of trainers who cover everything from service animals to mounts and summons. Summons, Pets, Mounts, etc. The Summons available are from the monster database, but can also include things from history, prehisotry, mythology, etc.
Plant/Healers Society Herbalist who train in various forms of healing (both magical and not). Teaches and Crafts Healing items, spells, etc. May or may not be plant people. If they are, it could include Treefolk.
Musician Club Able to augment people’s abilities with music, like making them faster or stronger, etc. Creates musical items that can augment a characters ability in battle and/or people's moods outside of it Other details.
The Holders of the Box A group that is mostly comic relief. Gives Boxes for carrying things, storing things in, and hiding in (a la Snake) Other details.
Elementals Doesn't exist at the beginning of the game, and gets created by the Player's actions. Will be a place for the furthering studies of the elemental-crafts. There's no group devoted to studying magic, with each one using it for one reason or another. This is the first group to put magic as its main focus, since they are essentially magical beings.
Banking Collective Basically, the group is a lot of hive-mind species, who exhibit a feature often found in insect societies: their main goal in life is too continue their species, often taking it simpler steps than the other members of the animal kingdom. This group takes that and applies it to money: the invest money to make more money, than take that, and invest it again. They may never actually use said money for other reasons, but they can lend you it at an interest; and will borrow money from you, in order to grow interest on it. The game play mechanics would probably be similar: they have a hive-mind mentality, and can give equipment that benefits the group instead of the whole. Other details.
Objection Faction Faction of lawyers and such (the "law") Specific gameplay feature Other details.

From a game perspective, some of these factions will be more puzzle-oriented, while others are better in battle.

It will be up to the player(s) which one they want for a specific part of the game.

Faction Law

While each faction is responsible for its own internal affairs, there are certain rules in place to protect everyday citizens of the Federation, and vice versa. The bold text is the actual rule as written, while the non-bold text is any interpretations, exceptions, etc. thereof.

  1. All citizens are free to choose to join, continue with or leave a faction of their choice. They may join two, if they serve as a liaison between them, or serve some kind of joint purpose.
    • This being said, there have been rumors of people trying to leave or transfer, and disappearing sometime after.
  2. A faction may charge for its services, training and other things, but may not deny another faction these without just cause.
    • This is especially true if they are given responsibility over a public facility, like a gate.
  3. Enforcement of this document is the responsibility of all factions, along with the Central Enforcement Force, or CEF.
  4. Each faction may have contracts with sub-political units, like planets.

Faction Facilities

In general, the factions could

  • Have training places for characters: free to members, charge to others.
  • Give side quests, own property, run shops and inns, and do other things to help fill the world.

Defenders of Antioch

The "Defenders of Antioch" serve as an example for the above. They specialize in defence, which can manifest in a few different ways:

  • Offer training the allow a character to build their endurance
  • Make and sell defensive equipment
  • Sell catalogues of defensive magic spells

The Culinary League

Operates some food places that provide some of the best food around. In battle, their food would probably be better than the "usual" stuff one can buy, but is more expensive for people who aren't part of the faction.

Membership vs. Loyalty

Being a member of a faction and having a faction's loyalty are two independent things, that can give similar effects.

Membership Loyalty Both
  • Primary Sponsorship of the team
  • Access to in-faction facilities for a free
  • Secondary Sponsorship of the team
  • Access to better equipment, items, etc. as gifts or to purchase.

Faction Personal

Name Leader
The Matriarchal Miners Someone
The Defenders of Antioch Someone
The Labor's Guild Someone
The Intelligence Trust Someone
The Bounty Hunters Someone
The Culinary League Someone
Beast Master Union Someone
Plant/Healers Society Someone
Musician Club Someone
The Holders of the Box Someone
Elementals Player's Name
Banking Collective Someone
Objection Faction Someone

Faction Involvement

At the end of each quest, after all the battles have been fought and puzzles solved, factions will give rewards based on how difficult the quest was. This is tied to Rank, with an Officer taking easier quests than an Investigator.

The rewards given run the gambit from consumables to equipment. Some factions will reward the player with items directly, or make the items available at a shop. Some may mix it up.

Name Typical Items to be Given Other Notes
The Matriarchal Miners Regeneration trinkets? See equipment - what slots do we have?
The Defenders of Antioch Armour
The Labor's Guild Enhancing equipment? Adding stats to existing equipment items via handiwork
The Intelligence Trust Books to learn skills from?
The Bounty Hunters Weapons
The Culinary League Self-buffs (food) How do we handle overlap with healing?
Beast Master Union Summoned creatures (in-battle) These would be watered-down controllable units.
Plant/Healers Society Healing How do we handle overlap with food?
Musician Club Buffing others (instruments) Multi-use items?
Box-holders (needs sth more exciting than inventory space)
Banking Collective ???
Objection Faction (???)


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