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Seekers of the Aether

Main Article:Seekers of the Aether

The Tactical RPG with other things from other starring the ESS we have been working on since the beginning

Combines concepts from various things, that are the bases :

  • SciFi and Fantasy, with elements from Horror (such as Vampires and Werewolves) without being scary.
  • Historical and futuristic, to create a something that is our future, but their past
  • Western and Eastern concepts, such as the soul and chi
  • Intentionally takes inspiration from Star Trek, Stargate, Magic The Gathering, and others. Unintentionally from Star Wars

Managed by the Seekers of the Aether Division

MMF2 Version

Isogenic Version

Potential backup or alternative to MMF2 if it doesn't work.

Poppy’s Balloon Adventure(tentative name)

Main Article:Poppy’s Balloon Adventure

Poppy (the air elemental) in a Platformer/RPG hybrid.

  • Poppy’s goal is to gather food from the various levels.
  • Might have a weight counter-balance game mechanic, to make the balloon-aspects of the character more challenging

Battle of the Factions

Main Article:Battle of the Factions

1000+ years ago, the Factions were less groups within the a political body, trying to expand its influence, and more Inter-political and -military alliances, fighting for control of the universe.

  • RTS/RPG-hybrid, similar to Warcraft and Starcraft
  • Magic still exists, although less refined and available to everyone as it is in TotE.
  • Technology is less advanced
  • Campaign maybe about the Factions coming together for peace and mutual trade, potentially tired of centuries of warfare.
  • The Factions have changed a decent amount over the centuries: some have dissolved or split apart, others have merged, still others were just created in the Post-War Universe.

Dress Up Game

Main Article:Dress Up Game

A game where characters from other games can get dressed up in clothing and equipment from the games, that we can’t represent them wearing due to technical limitations.

  • Web-based?

Board/P&P-Hybrid Game

Main Article:Board/P&P-Hybrid Game

Mini Adventure RPGs that people can play in a few hours, with not much setup and a simple system when compared to either RPGs or Board Games.

There's one or more boards available for a Game Master (or GM) to arrange on. The default board is a grassy plain with some trees. On the board are some things to represent structures (like ruins, villages, etc), tokens to represent monsters that need to be fought against, items to get and a "Start" and "End" Tile (to be similar to board games like Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, etc.). Some of these we would provide, others they can use whatever they have available. Puzzles can be included, and/or Designed by the GM.

Other boards to be available include Terrains made of Ice, Forest, Volcanic Rock, etc.

Each character comes with a character sheet, which aren't as complex as say a Dungeons and Dragons one, Legends of the Five Rings, etc. Players might be encouraged to give their characters lines of dialogue, help develop the character's personality, etc.

Players gather for a session, start at the indicated square, try to solve a puzzle, defeat all the monsters, and reach the other indicated tile.

If they play competitively, the win condition could be the first one to the end to reach the end tile wins.

If cooperatively, then when all the monsters are defeated, they all win.

At the end of the session, they move up a level and can put one point to their stats (I am purposefully simplifying EXP/Level Systems here).

Battles would probably be simple math, and maybe a die roll.

Items would similarly be simple: heal 4 damage, get +1 to attack, etc.

Movement can be determined by a die roll and/or speed stat. Both Board Games and P&P Games usually have both a chance factor and a strategy factor, and a key component of designing them is balancing the two. Risk has both, Monopoly has both, D&D has both, Legends of the Five Rings have Both.

In the case of P&P Games, chance is how you determine if you missed or succeeded in hitting something, performing something, etc. which you can stack more in your favor by using modifiers. Rolling a 20 on a 20-sided die (before modifiers) will allow you to hit again, while hitting a 1 will count as an automatic failure. The idea then is for the GM to make the game and/or NPCs react to your action.


The GM, if needed, can come up with additional story details, rules, win conditions, etc. to help make it their own, with not a lot of pieces a board game usually comes with (I think, but not 100% sure on)

The Bard Mercenaries

Main Article:The Bard Mercenaries

Discord RPG about a group of people who are both Mercenaries (as in people who are willing to take odd jobs) and a Rock Band

  • Requires use of a Discord Bot
  • Requires a Discord Account.