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The Gate, for gameplay purposes, is just a hub or transportation network between the main planets, one or two space-ports, and maybe some of the minor planets. Story-wise, on the other hand, the situation is a bit more complex.


Space is big, with travelling across it needing sophisticated technology. Faster-than-light travel, interstellar teleportation, etc. While each of these technologies/magics have been useful for travelling amongst the stars, they tended to be rather expense, even moreso before the mana-holding technology came along. Cargo vehicles between planets, explorer ships between stars, warships of empires, etc. all used mana as their new fuel.

Eventually, a transport network was established for extremely long distances, for anything from Bubble-on upward. Travelling from the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy to the Onion Arm of the Taco Galaxy would not be possible without it. The entrances and exits of the network are at the gates on major planets that possess a source of fuel for them (e.g. a nearby powerful star).

While travelling through the gate, one gets the impression of being completely surrounded by a rainbow, coming from the mana used in this task.

Difference with Travel via Spaceship

The main difference between travel via gate and travel via spaceship is similar to the diffences between travelling by airplane and by car, boat or ship.

Airplanes can get people to and from places a lot quicker than a car, but

  • they require larger amounts of resources, such as fuel;
  • they require larger, more designated areas for actions like loading, such as airstrips or airports; and
  • they are better suited for long-distance travel.

While a "gateport" wouldn't be exactly like an airport, it serves a similar function.