Space Colonizers:Magic vs. Science

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Magic has always been present and capable for all sentient species. It was present in Salem during the witch trials, Rome during the time of Jesus, etc. But whereas Humans have tried to suppress it, other species have tried to embrace it. Unlike Harry Potter, Magic and Science go hand-in-hand, since one is basically the other, just with a different understanding and approach. Both are limited to the laws of the universe, like the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy, but Magic is a bit more flexible (allowing things like teleportation, time travel, etc.). This doesn't mean Science can’t achieve the same effect, however. Magic operates on all levels of matter, from Subatomic to Supergalactic, helping keep the universe in balance. It takes many forms (chi, mana, etc.) and our understanding of it has risen to a point like Science, with many theories and discarded ideas, disciplines and subfields. By combining the two, one has achieved Alchemical process of turning Lead into Gold, via Cold Fusion. The energy by-product helps fuel starships, and then the gold left-over is sold off. All safety measures and technology should be followed.

  • Mythological nonhuman animals exist due to being natives of another planet, genetic engineering or the myth being true.
    • As part of the difference between science and magic handling things differently:
    • Science will create a ship to handle interstellar travel (and possibly time travel) by manipulating space-time, bending it so one travels faster than allowed by physics, but will not actually leave the universe in the process.
    • Magic works with wormholes, teleportation, etc. to temporarily remove you from the universe and place you somewhere (and somewhen) else