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The Main Story of the game, broken into three sections, #2, 4 and 6 of the task list.

The Main Goal of the Players is to collect the 9 Elemental Shape Shifters, who join the group and are optional party members (out of a possible 20?). Each one is from a different background or position, and is found under different circumstances.

The end result is the Player becoming the Aether shape-shifter, granting them access to all magic, including ones unique to other shapeshifters.

Task Shape Shifter ??? Area
2 Samantha Olympics Carnival
2 Shocky Black Out Basement
2 Ryan Swamp
4 Poppy River
4 Roy Seaport
4 Lady Metalface Container Maze
4 Yang character Underwater
6 Yin character Japanese Town
6 Andor Artic Cave
6 Player (Aether) ???

Beginning - task 2


We begin with the characters doing simple crowd control at a carnival being held outside of the Olympics. They find a character being chased by some others, and protect her from them. They save her, and she joins the group (whether they like it or not).

During this time, the character is introduced to the 12 Guilds, and allowed to sign up for one of them.

It is at this time that the characters and players are introduced to gridded battling, whether it is in rescuing the girl, or following her to a sporting event, when she is a battler by trade, trying out for the games while she is here.

She doesn't win the qualifying round, but her individual character arc from this point on will be going to other places to get practice to one day get into the championship rounds. She needs a team, and agrees to join with you in a mutually beneficial relationship: she helps you get promoted in the force, you help her bring her from event to event.

Each one of these is sent to you via mail, in a calendar, and/or on a quest log.


Rescue a Boxer.

AS the team works through the basement, they discuss the sport and how they could use help fighting from professionals, like soccer players or maybe other battlers.

As luck would have it, the person they are rescuing is a boxer. He agrees to join the team if you rescue him.


Find a Safari Guy

Middle - task 4



Container Maze


End - task 6

At the end of Task 5, the gate network is shutdown, with the main characters being stranded on a remote planet for the remaining portion of the myth arc.

Snowy Japanese Town

Arctic Cave