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  • Articles are to be written or corrected to be in modern, easy to understand English, with any spelling or grammar mistakes corrected as needed.

If you find any problems with an article's spelling, grammar, etc. and can't fix it yourself, please report it here or here.

Adjective/Adverb Disclaimer

Ruleset #1

All adjectives and adverbs used on a person are simply descriptions words, and not intended to be derogatory or an entrapment.

For example, It is completely fine to describe a character as male/female, masculine/feminine, transgender and intersex. The word needs to fit the character, and not the other way around. So long as it fits the story to be told, we will keep it in. We will not remove it for the sake of norms, nor shoehorn it to a story that doesn't need or make use of it.

Similarly, a character maybe of any waist size, so long as this doesn't detract from the story.

If this makes you uncomfortable, please leave the site and play a different game.

Ruleset #2

During Battle, everyone wears practical armor. During Casual Time and others, no one is topless or shirtless.

Writing Style and other related rules

Ruleset #1

Story, Characterisation and Development, etc. supersede the rest of these rules. Gender and Pluralization are to be treated as ambiguous. "They" is acceptable for plural and singular situations, regardless of gender ratios


Ruleset #1

  • While technology is futuristic, and ever present, there are plenty of mixes with past ages present everywhere.
  • Clothing, Weapons, Cities and Villages, can look like they come from past areas with Future Technology underneath.
  • A team can come together with a medieval sword (like Excalibur), a ray gun or phaser, a cartoon bomb.
  • In addition, possible things that could show up in the game (or even in battle): species and monsters from fantasy, aliens and robots from Sci-Fi, jet packs from Steam Punk, giant robots and mons from Anime, Superhero Costumes, and scattered things from our history and theirs.

The health and general customs of the game are pretty much the same throughout: Improved Health Care; Fuel Efficient Modes of Transportation (their fuel is mana); Gender, Race, Religion, Nationality, etc. don’t hold back anyone from perusing individual goals and aren't a defining factor of a person or character.

This means, just because somewhere looks like it came from the Middle Age Western Europe, doesn't mean they have desires and unsanitary conditions of the time being reenacted.


Ruleset #1

  • No instances of Fate or Destiny, players are responsible for their own choices.
    • There are no “chosen ones”, or people who are more special because they decedent from some great warrior or poet or something like that.
  • Morally, no pure white or black. Everyone is a mix, with some just happening to have a certain one more towards the surface

Other Stuff

Ruleset #1

Throughout the game, there are going to be mixes of styles of ideas, subversions and twists of expected things, etc.

As a for instance, to distract a cat-like character for some time, you give them a ball of yarn. You go do something, and come back to pass them again. To your surprise, they pulled a knitting sewing kit out of nowhere (or hammer space), and sewed a sweater for the player.

  • All measurements are to be in Metric, with an option to be converted to Imperial or Scientific.

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