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Here is a place to work on ideas before they are put towards other pages (their own or part of already existing ones).


Faction stuff

Faction Council

Name Faction Theme Potential Sprite / Sketch Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone The Matriarchal Miners Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone The Defenders of Antioch Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone The Labor's Guild Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone The Intelligence Trust Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone The Bounty Hunters Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone The Culinary League Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone Beast Master Union Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone Plant/Healers Society Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone Musician Club Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone The Holders of the Box Theme
(the cat, not the human)
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Player's Name Elementals - - - -
Someone Banking Collective Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone Objection Faction Theme
Leadership Style Planet of Origin

Faction Personal

Name Faction Theme Potential Sprite Position within Faction Planet of Origin
Someone Faction Theme Potential Sprite Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone Faction Theme Potential Sprite Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone Faction Theme Potential Sprite Leadership Style Planet of Origin
Someone Faction Theme Potential Sprite Leadership Style Planet of Origin


  • Unicorns
  • Monsters
  • Dinosaurs

Battle Details of the Elements

The following is a table of guidelines for each element, but none of these details are exclusive to the element they are listed as. Rather, these are the battle details that the element poses, specializes in, etc. to benefit the player.

For Example, AoE can be covered by other elements, it just happens to be Water's area of expertise. Similar, Water will have non-AoE spells, that ensure it can fight situations that aren't optimal for it.

Name Specialization Related Game Mechanics Status Ailment / Potential Effect(s) Other Details
Fire  (Fi) spell damage
  • ranged damage spells
  • shield that harms the attacker (but does not absorb damage?)
  • AoE damage (unidirectional or omnidirectional)
burn fire has the highest spell damage output
Water AoE
  • Creates Spells of Non-standard Shapes, such as Rectangles
  • share Weather with Wind
Wind utility? Field Effects?
  • speed boost and moving units around the field
  • fog that hides units from enemies?
  • share Weather with Water
n/a wind is a support type focused on movement and rearranging the board?
Wood physical enhancer
  • raise strength
  • effects that only affect the next physical attack
  • entangle/ensnare enemies
  • grow trees to hinder enemies movements
Buffs wood type keeps the enemy from getting away and clobbers it physically
Electric multi-target?
  • ranged spells that hit multiple enemies
  • a skill to cast two spells the next turn as long as both are electric-type?

(- charging up spell power over time?)

electric is chaotic and focused on hitting many targets and often
Yin debuff
  • DoT
  • lower enemy attack & slows for survival
  • mind control?
  • Steals Things from the Enemy, such as HP, Mana; at the risk of also stealing status ailment
??? yin is a support type that is *slow* and impairs the enemy
Yang heal
  • heal allies
  • shields/barriers that absorb damage for a short time rather than a set amount?
  • pull ally out of danger? increase ally speed?
  • resurrection
yang is a support type focused on keeping allies alive
Ice crowd control?
  • Create Artificial Structures
Slow (reduces target speed)
Metal raise defence
  • raise own defence value
  • shields that absorb a set amount of damage
  • stuns
  • offensively: armour breakers -> reduce enemy defence?
metal focuses on the caster's survival more than the enemy's demise


  • Magic moves are independent of the characters stats, and only are varieties of them in terms of strength. So, two characters may know the same fireball spell, and will do the same damage, regardless of which one is stronger or smarter.
    • That being said, there are more powerful moves of a similar nature, and moves that do random damage at some kind of risk.
  • Add:
    • Expansion of
      • Samantha description from Skype and Facebook
      • Other things I missed
  • (- Elevations -)
    • (I don't think we ended up agreeing on anything here because Taco trailed off into discussing arrow phyics with Moydow. Fat Tammy suggested having slight differences in elevation that the characters can climb/descend without ladders (if there's only one level of difference) which give the higher character an advantage. Characters too far apart in height to be able to walk to each other's field also should not be able to attack each other except with ranged attacks.)
  • Each Battle is one day of in-game time?
    See time stance above. Also, there's no way clobbering a bunch of slimes should even take so long.--Vellidragon (talk) 03:51, 9 April 2015 (UTC)
    Alright, maybe decide each one by its own situation. Tacopill (talk) 21:06, 17 April 2015 (UTC)
  • No Aesop of relevant to real life (“don’t touch brain slugs”, “when walking with a vampire, always have garlic available”)
    • We're tossing about tons of real life aesops with this game already.--Vellidragon (talk) 03:51, 9 April 2015 (UTC)
      Like Which ones? Tacopill (talk) 21:06, 17 April 2015 (UTC)

To be finalised and sorted elsewhere


Different quality levels exist of each item, with a slight change in stats. The better the quality, the higher the stats and the lower chance the drop chance - however, the player may use a crafting profession to upgrade an item already in their possession to the next higher level.


The player may invest and redistribute (for a fee) attribute points, which determine a character's stats. Every point is worth a certain value, which increases based on level and varies based on the specific character's stat affinities (growth speed).

The formula for calculating each stat is:

Attribute Points * Growth Speed ^ Level

Adjustments can be made if the stat requires it to function better. Growth speed is set manually per character per stat, allowing characters to have different stats at the same level with the same attribute points invested as well as different caps. Poppy, for instance, possesses a high growth speed for her health stat, so every attribute point spent on it results in a higher-than-average HP increase; Samantha possesses a low growth speed for health and receives less HP than average per point.


The player may flee a battle, which returns them to where they were before combat began without having had to win it. No rewards are given, but unlike being defeated in battle, no progress is lost.

The "flee" option can only be selected at the beginning of a turn and causes all of the player's characters to skip the turn and lose all their buffs while they prepare to escape, exposing themselves to enemy attacks for the next turn. Fleeing is successful if the characters survive the enemy turn that follows the activating of the "flee" option. This ensures that the player has no trouble fleeing from weak monsters not worth fighting, but cannot abuse the function to bypass battles against monsters that are too strong to defeat and thus roam areas their characters should not be able to handle yet.

Optional consideration: The player may lose money (drop coins) when characters take damage while preparing to flee, with more being lost the more damage was dealt. To be added if the proposed system does not make fleeing risky enough to discourage frequent running from fair battles.

Skill idea: A skill only used by AI-controlled monsters that disables the flee function for the rest of the battle. Might come with an anchor animation.

Monster Battles

Confrontations between the player's active party and AI-controlled monsters happen frequently throughout the game and are a source of gold, item drops and XP.

Random Battles

Minor battles that must either be won or fled from to advance. These are not important to the plot and the points at which they occur are not necessarily pre-determined. It is yet to be decided how these battles are initiated (random number of steps? Touching a monster on the overworld?).

The following attributes may be randomised, depending on the area:

  • The number of monsters the player faces (might be about 5-6 on average; let's not allow for too much variation in these and make the extremes less likely to occur)
  • The monster types - heavily dependent on area (if these battles are started by touching a monster on the overworld, facing that type of monster should be guaranteed)
    • Different likelihood for different monsters to appear? This could be part of the individual monsters' data
  • The layout of the battlefield - obstacles, stationary hazards, etc.
    • This could be randomised entirely, picked from an assortment of pre-made battlefield layouts per area or a mix of both
    • How the starting positions for player characters and monsters are determined is yet to be decided.

Monsters move individually on the enemy's turn according to their AI type. AI types can be preset and assigned to each type of monster; for example, a monster with many healing spells can be assigned a healer AI that causes it to predominantly cast healing spells on allies running low on health while avoiding confrontation. Details are to be determined later.

When a monster is destroyed, the player receives XP and it may drop one or more tokens, which may be collected by moving a character onto the same field and may include items, money, mana and possibly small boni. Which character collects them is important in the case of mana tokens (and potential boni), as that character will receive the mana (or bonus). When all monsters have been defeated, the player gets one more turn to collect remaining tokens. If there are any left at the end of that turn, they are automatically picked up, but tokens with character relevance are assigned randomly.

If the player loses all their characters, they are defeated and must continue from the last save point, losing progress made since then.

Preset Battles

Like random battles, but these have all aspects preset and may happen for a pre-defined reason at a certain poiont of the game. This includes boss and other story-related encounters, but can also include certain minor battles that have consistent requirements for occurring and have been set up to always pit the player against the same monster lineup on the same battlefield (for example, a certain monster on the overworld that is always there and always initiates the same encounter when touched). It may or may not be possible to flee from preset battles, but doing so will not remove the trigger for the battle from gameplay; battles that must be won to be able to continue the game cannot be completely avoided in this a manner.

Scripted events might be able to occur in these battles if certain conditions are fulfilled.

Build Release Summary

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