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Base Info
Project # 2
Faction 200
Lowercase Project Initials sc
Uppercase Project Initials SC
Stage Implementation
Type Info
Game projects yes
Trello Board Private Board
The Multiverse yes
Monster Database yes
Leader: tacopill
Art Team: Current: Austin, Davycannonhound / C4nn0nhound, JWC

Former: Linkage

Programming Team: Nickno, Tacopill, TheWindwak34, Yellow
Writing Team: Moydow, Corath16, JWC
Music Team: Austin
Alpha Testers: TBD
Beta Testers: Alderic, Jacob, Linkage
Misc / Other: Kevin, Ryan, Brad, Pat, Sove

The Tactical RPG with other things from other starring the ESS we have been working on since the beginning

Combines concepts from various things, that are the bases :

  • SciFi and Fantasy, with elements from Horror (such as Vampires and Werewolves) without being scary.
  • Historical and futuristic, to create a something that is our future, but their past
  • Western and Eastern concepts, such as the soul and chi
  • Intentionally takes inspiration from Star Trek, Stargate, Magic The Gathering, and others. Unintentionally from Star Wars

Managed by the Seekers of the Aether Division

MMF2 Version

Isogenic Version

Potential backup or alternative to MMF2 if it doesn't work.


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Game Design and Development
Related Groups Divisions Seekers of the Aether • Barn Wars • Ihmiis • Bot
Squads Art  •  Writing  •  Music  •  Programming
Teams None at the Current Time
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