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These are potential sources for monsters, alien spices, summons, etc. They can come from real life, fiction, mythology and anyone else's imagination. We do encourage a balance between the following categories:

  • Well Known from anywhere - Dragons, Bears, and real life or mythological stuff that the public knows about, can be included, but only with interesting twists. For example Poppy is part Dragon, part Balloon, part Cow.
  • Less Known - species that are more obscure, whether from real life or not, should also be included, to help increase their exposure, among other reasons. For example, many people are aware of species coming from the Mesozoic Era (T. Rex, Stegosaurus, etc.), but what about the millions of years between them and humanity? (For more on this, please see The Greatest History Never Told, Species Lost And Found and Seldom Seen Species). Similarly, Greek and Japanese Mythology is a pretty common source for monsters and such. But what about Celtic? Aztec or other Native American? Finnish? Native Australian? All of Mythology is available to draw from.
  • Completely Original - from an editor's/developer's/artist's/etc. mind to our Monster Database.

See Sources for other sources that one could draw inspiration from, not only on species, but weapons, setting, etc.

Note: this is not meant to be discourage original designs. But being completely original risks alienating the players. So, bringing in classics, stuff people are familiar with, helps easy them in and lets them get used to the original stuff. But having too much of the classic, risks this becoming cliched, dull and uninteresting. Which is where the above rules come into play and why we ask the three be balanced.

Basic Ideas

Speices are grouped together into one of 6 forms, depending on if they have legs, arms, etc. This helps detemine which equipment and other items can a member of the speicies hold or wear. (Some items, like potions, can be hold by anyone).

Torso Head Legs Feet Left Hand Right Hand
Humanoids and other Bipeds (elf, treefolk, etc.) yes yes yes yes yes yes
Quadrupeds (some reptiles and amphibians) yes yes yes yes no no
Insects yes yes yes yes no no
Arachnids yes yes yes yes no no
Limbless (snakes, etc.) yes yes no no no no
Formless (blobs) yes no no no no no


For a species, Terrain refers to the type of tile the combatant can move through unheeded and without assistance.

Main Groups


Land monsters, fighters, etc. can move through regular land without much help, allowing them to do things like: walk a trail, climb a hill, etc. The Other types of combatants have trouble doing so, but items such as equipment might be able to remedy this.

Land Monsters can be chosen from:


Aquatic species can move through the water as a human moves through the air. Swimming, Padding, etc. A non-aquatic combatant might be able to learn to swim, but the ability only lasts for a short time, before they need to return to their primary terrain.

Aquatic Monsters can be chosen from:


Air species get around via flying, gliding, floating, telepathy, etc.

Air Monsters can be chosen from:

Subgroups and mixed groups


Amphibians can do both Land and Aquatic terrain, but need to switch between the two, sometimes taking up a turn. They are natural swimmers, but not at the speed that Aquatic species are.

Amphibian Monsters can be chosen from:

  • Anything Land or Aquatic above.


Semi-Aquatic can do both Air and Aquatic terrain, but need to switch between the two, sometimes taking a turn.

Semi-Aquatic Monsters can be chosen from:

  • Anything Land or Aquatic above.


Combatants proficient in moving through the water or at the surface.

Amphibian Monsters can be chosen from:

  • Anything Land or Aquatic above.


Combatants proficient in moving through the ground.

Amphibian Monsters can be chosen from:

  • Anything Land above.

Potential Species to come up in the game

  • Biological
    • Goblorcs - Goblin/Orc hybrids
  • Cultural
    • Ninja
    • Blobs
    • Beings of pure Mercury?
  • Machines
  • Cyborgs
  • Sentient Machines
  • Magical
  • Cyborg Velociraptor
  • Rex in a Mech
  • Thylacine
  • Any of the above linked categories.
  • humanoid blob/blob humanoids (whathave you).
    • The place is a monarchy with power derived from size, the monarch is required to be the biggest of the land.
    • Each year, they hold baking competitions, and the top bakers receive a job in the royal hall, money, fame, cooking sets, etc.
  • tribal society based on strength. Strongest becomes leader, and then they find the strongest in neighboring tribes to breed with. Establishing a global, strength based hierarchy, that does allow for social mobility if one takes time to boost their strength.
    • a little cliched, but I am looking for interesting ways to twist it

Note: there can be overlaps, like Cyborg Centaurs. While one can mix-and-match, they always need to keep a basic Humanoid form to be playable, or have something to make up for it.

Abilities and Talents

Abilities and Talents are traits/attributes/etc. that a character is born with, rather than train for (like Skills). If it is a species-wise trait, then it is an "Ability", while anything unique to the Character is a "Talent". Some (but not all) Abilities and Talents are essentially permanent version of something that could be given via a Item or Skill.

Ideas that could fall under here

  • Stat-based Abilities and Talents can have in-battle effects, but don't effect permanent stat growth:
    • Speed does not diminish in the rain
    • Combatant doesn't take damage in snowstorm (such as ignoring from Environmental Damage, protection from Ice Spells cast in this weather or overall, etc.)
    • Endurance recovers at a faster rate then average
    • Immunity to Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, etc. due to a lack of tear ducts.
  • Projectiles can increase range or power when fired or thrown by a character.
  • Character is naturally charismatic, allowing the party to get through non-battle situations with difficult NPCs.
  • Members of Species gains strength when many of them on the field. The more of them are defeated, the weaker they all get.

Ideas that probably won't fall under here

  • Permanent changes to stats
  • Anything related to factions or professions
    • Discounts at stores
  • Anything related to gender or sex, physical attraction, etc.


Abilities aren't necessarily unique to a specific species, but restricted to being only one of each of these groups.

Group Name Abilities
Humanoids and other Bipeds (elf, treefolk, etc.)
Quadrupeds (some reptiles and amphibians)
Limbless (snakes, etc.)
Formless (blobs)

Current Species

Name Ability Description Characters
Elemental Shapeshifters Elemental Shifting
Human Health Through Numbers
Elf Mana from Nature
Velociraptor Endurance of the Pack
Dwarf Strength through Unity
Orcs Defense of the Group
Lycos Enlightenment through Patience Bipedal gray wolfs with 4 arms
De Minimis Defense through Character Horned Demons

Species and Society Ideas

  • (Spectator 1 and 2 are at a sporting event. Spectator 1 speaks with a Russian-like accent )
Spectator 1: In my culture, the winner kisses the loser.
Spectator 2: Well, what if both are male, or one is married
Spectator 1: Not matter. We very open-minded society. This a tradition. And Tradition outweighs queasiness.

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