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Stat Basics

A character's ability to influence events in the game are rated based on details called "stats", short for "statistics". These come into play in battle, when solving a puzzle, talking to NPCs, etc.

Name Details Scope Category
Stat Points Rewarded to the entire Party at the end of a quest, and it varies from quest to quest what specific categories these can aply to. For example, a signle quest might give 2 points to any Battle Stat, 1 point to non-battle, 1 to any category; Party-Wide 1
Rank This represents their overall experience along with level within Police Institution
  • Officer - Complete Task 1 and gather 0 faction points
  • Trooper - Complete Task 2 and gather 5 points
  • Detective - Complete Task 3 and gather 10 points
  • Captain - Complete Task 4 and gather 15 points
  • Investigator - Complete Task 5 and gather 20 points
  • Sergeant - Complete Task 6 and gather 25 points
  • Superintendent - Complete Task 7 and gather 30 points
Main Character Only 1
Expericne Points (EXP) Gathered at the end of a battle. Active Party Members Only 1
Level At the end of each battle, if a certain amount is reached, the character will go up in Level. These are independent of Rank. Rank is more about story progression, while Level is gameplay. All Party Members 1
Hit Points (HP) How much damage can they take until they die (or not able to battle). All Party Members 1
Magic Points (MP) How much mana they have on them. For more information, see #Mana Details All Party Members 1
Endurance Points How tough a character is and how much they can take before they are out of the battle. #Endurance Details All Party Members 1
Speed How many tiles can a character physically move per turn? Turns are 6 secs long of in-game time, with each tile being 1 m x 1 m. So, a speed of 1 would be saying the character moves at 1/6 m/s, which is the same as 0.546 ft/s, 0.372 mph or 0.6 kmh. All party members have it 1
Physical Strength How powerful of a punch or kick does the character throw? All Party Members 2
Physical Defense How well can they take a hit? All Party Members 2
Magic Strength How much of a person's inner strength goes into spell? All Party Members 2
Magic Defense How indomitable are their spirit? All Party Members 2
TBD How strong of a will the character has All Party Members 3
TBD TBD All Party Members 3
TBD TBD All Party Members 3
Badass TBD All Party Members 3

Category meaning:

  1. Overall Stats: These are stats that exist for the overall game, as a way to track the player's progress as well as a character's growth. These Stats carry on from Battle-to-Battle, staying permanent after a battle ends.
  2. Battle-only Stats: Skills are broken into 3 categories: Basic Attacks, Techniques, and Spells. (for more, see Skills). These can also be grouped based on their nature, completely physical, completely magical, mixed or neither. These are part of the body, and stay with the character as they develop. Changes in them can be permanent or temporary, sometimes only lasting until the end of a battle.
    • Physical: Physical Skills are based on the characters outer strength. Exercise, Rest, Eating properly, etc. helps build this up.
    • Magical: While Mana isn't stored inside a person, everyone has the ability to influence a spell by their inner strength. These stats come into play when move has something magical about it. If it is pure magical, then it only uses these stats. If it is physical and magical, it uses both. Inner strength (and therefore these stats) go up with spiritual activities: meditating, helping others, completing tasks, reading for an hour, etc.
  3. Unique Situation Stats: Stats that allow a user to go above and beyond what they usually are capable of, in-battle and out-of-battle.

Mana Details

Additional Mana is stored in equipment, with each equipment having up to 5 slots for it. Each slot has a limited space for mana,. Early equipment could hold smaller amounts and/or less slots for mana.

As an analogy, these are similar to fuel tanks on a car. They need to be refilled externally, burn up with usage, getting bigger and/or more equipment opens up more storage options.


[empty light]
[empty light]
[empty light]
[empty light]
[empty light]
  • This equipment could unequipped and re-equipped to different characters as needed.
  • They are going to need to work or buy additional equipment.

Mana-Storage Equipment Ideas

  • Armor that stores 5 mana-holding cells, each with one type and no more than 30 units of the specified type in the cell.
  • Wizarding Staff that can store 60 units of mana, all of one type.

Mana Generation, Usage, etc.

This describes how it can be used in battle and other situation, but the character can't gain more than maximum allowed above.

  1. The character could start a battle with full mana, and then refill at a store, or a in-battle equivalent to a gas station. They could buy mana refills in item form, which is basically them pouring the mana into the containment unit, or connecting to it via a house.
  2. Using mana could require hand-equipment, in which the mana is mixed in the hand.
  3. Mana could be stored in specially-designed torso armor, in chambers built in. The mana then goes through tubes to a hand of the character, and is available to be used for casting.
  4. Gameplay wise, they just choose a spell and the suit drains/uses the mana for them. Might be interesting to animate, but not required.
  5. to clarify:
    • this is just one way I am imagining it happening, there are others
    • there could be armor that can't store mana, and mana could be stored in a staff for a wizard.

Endurance Details


  • How much can they take before the battle affects them? Once too low, they become tired and bit more vulnerable.
  • Techniques use these up, similar to magic using mana.


  • Rest, but no sleep. They just sit for a few turns, while their internal strength returns.
  • this way, other characters can take turns getting involved in the battle, and it isn't a One-guy-fighting-5-guys-watching things.
  • we can make it 2 or 3 turns for everyone, or tie it into speed in that speedy characters recover it faster
  • *Slow* characters may recover endurance faster. Fast characters can move further per turn.
  • personally, I am not a fan of faster characters getting more turn per rotation, as I know a lot of games do.

Stat Totals

Stat totals work as the following:

a = ([Base Stat] + [Level]) + [Stat Bonuses]
b = (a * [Equipment Bonuses] * 0.1) + a
c = b + [Additional Bonuses]

c is the final number that gets shown to the player. Boosts and Detriments are shown as arrows, followed by + or - what has changed.

For more descriptive way of doing this, please read the following.


  1. Start off with Stat distribution. At the end of an area, they get 2 point towards Strength, Endurance, Speed, Mana Capacity or HP (?) And 3 additional points at the end of a task. Could be all to one stat or distributed a = ([Base Stat] + [Level]) + [Stat Bonuses]
  2. Equipment adds to and subtracts from these stats, and stack on top of one another. b = (a * [Equipment Bonuses]) + a
Armor gives 3 booth to strength
1 b.strength = (a.strength * [+3] * 0.1) + a = +1.3*a.strength
Pillow gives 5 to endurance
1 b.endurance = (a.endurance * [+5] * 0.1) + a = +1.5*a.endurance
Red Badge gives +1 Speed and +1 to Mana Capacity
1 b.speed = (a.speed * [+3] * 0.1) + a = +1.3*a.speed
2 b.mana = (a.mana * [+3] * 0.1) + a = +1.3*a.mana
Mana Storage Unit gives +10 Mana Capacity, -2 to Speed for being heavy
1 b.mana = (a.mana * [+10] * 0.1) + a = +2.0*a.mana
2 b.speed = (a.speed * [-2] * 0.1) + a = +0.8*a.speed
Speedy Shoes +5 to speed
1 b.speed = (a.strnegth * [+5] * 0.1) + a = +1.5*a.speed


  1. Items and Spells modify stats, that are removed at the end of battle. c = b + [Additional Bonuses]

Stat Usage

Whether or not an action is successful is based on these numbers. They are mostly not based on chance, rather being a trigger or threshold, that if met or exceeded, is successful. It can work in the following situations.


Hypnosis is a sleep-inducing skill that puts the casters Inner Strength against the target.

If the total of the caster's Magic Strength and Magic Defense meet or exceed the total of the Magic Strength and the Magic Defense of the target, then it is successful. If less, then it misses.

Fire Punch

Fire Punch can work in a few different ways:

  • Physical Strength of the attacker vs. Physical Defense of the Target, plus the chance of burning them. Neither sides Magical Damage gets involved.
  • Physical Strength + Magical Strength vs. Physical Defense + Magical Defense, plus burning chance.

The damage of a successful move can then be figured using other stats, such as the Move's Base Power, the Caster's Magical Attack (if not already used above).