Space Colonizers:The Bard Mercenaries

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Base Info
Project # 34
Faction 200
Lowercase Project Initials sc
Uppercase Project Initials SC
Stage Implementation
Type Info
Game projects yes
Bot projects yes
The Multiverse yes
Monster Database yes
Leader: tacopill

Discord RPG about a group of people who are both Mercenaries (as in people who are willing to take odd jobs) and a Rock Band

  • Requires use of a Discord Bot
  • Requires a Discord Account.

One potential scene in the project:

Client: Are you sure you can do it?
Leader of the group: O, we can do it. And we can do it with style *air guitar as they are pushed out on a cart with musical instruments 

In the scene described above, the leader of the group is a blue-skinned Tolkinish elf, dressed like they are in an 80's rock band, a la Kiss, Aerosmith, etc.

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