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Please see Space Colonizers for the relevant forum discussion(s)

We are now taking the ideas we have an putting them in to play, with the first stop being: creating a game engine.


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Base Info
Project # 2
Faction 200
Lowercase Project Initials sc
Uppercase Project Initials SC
Stage Implementation
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Forum Archives Space_Colonizers
The Multiverse yes
Monster Database yes
Leader: tacopill
Art Team: Current: Austin, Davycannonhound / C4nn0nhound, JWC

Former: Linkage

Programming Team: Nickno, Tacopill, TheWindwak34, Yellow
Writing Team: Moydow, Corath16, JWC
Music Team: Austin
Alpha Testers: TBD
Beta Testers: Alderic, Jacob, Linkage
Misc / Other: Kevin, Ryan, Brad, Pat, Sove

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Please Join Us on our Discord Server, where we will be discussing ideas about the game.

Project Introduction

Hello! And welcome to the project.

Space Colonizers is a game kit/game asset kit/game development kit/etc. people are invited to design and develop games in.

They are invited to use any part of the Space Colonizers namespace, plus things from the Monster Database and the Multiverse.

They are free to contribute ideas as well, thought our site, discord, etc.

Here is a brief introduction about each area of the game design and development one can join and you are free to join more than one. The table at write are the people who serve as contacts for that specific area of the game design and development.

If you wish to see a list of concepts that can be in with this kit, please have a look at our Game Concepts page.


  1. A lot of these topics overlap, and related pages may appear in more than one list.
  2. For suggestions on this page, please see come to the discord server.

Core Details

These are pages that are about the game overall, and not specific to its art, writing, programming, etc.


The Game is made in an Anime/Manga Style, similar to Eastern/Japanese RPG's. The sprites are all chibis, with the portraits of full beings popping up as needed.

All art is 2-dimensional.


  • Pre-made frames at "SNES level". "I don't think we need to consider much in terms of animation lengths because this is going to be turn-based. in real-time we may have had to watch out not to make specific animations too time-consuming"

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Part(s) of the Game Description Components Places to find out about Components
Main Engine The game engine uses the Isogenic Engine, which is built on HTML5 and Javascript. Isogenic Engine
Character Stats, User Information, etc. Game Data is stored in MYSQL Databases on the Grifkuba Server. MySQL
Sprites, Source Files, etc. Game Files is stored on the Grifkuba Server. PNG

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The writing we aim for is a mix of whimsicalness and satire, with a few select characters breaking the forth wall (such as a sentient save point), and others lampshading how ridiculous things in their century are

Some examples:

  • Some characters are hot blooded, like out of a Shounen Anime
  • One character has contracted a disease that puts them on permanent Bishie Sparkles and they need to see a doctor.

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Alpha Testing


Beta Testing



Although it is covered in other places, some things to take note:

  • We are not aiming for a specific audience, and aren't including or excluding characters unless there is a story-reason to do so. Characters outside of any spectrum (gender, sexuality, psychology, autism, etc.) won't be shoved in to just to be included, nor will be removed just to be excluded.
  • We do our best to keep things logical and scientifically sound, but game play, humor and above all, fun, over rules them. It may not be accurate for a star to burn like a rainbow, but that doesn't mean we won't have it.
    • On the other end of the spectrum, we are also having Looney Tunes-esque humor, potentially with large obvious TNT, Anvils, Large Mallets and other such things.


Sources & Inspiration: please see Sources

In Addition, the following people have created things for other projects of Grifkuba, that have been imported into this one. (??? will be filled in at a later date.

Online Name Projects Role Specifics (if known)
CrumbTheGamer Monster Trainer, The Multiverse, Monster Database Realist
  • Designs for Spites, Monsters, Characters, Locations, Financial Support, etc.
GriffinGuy24 Monster Trainer, The Multiverse, Monster Database Input and Feedback giver
  • Designs for Monsters, Characters, Locations, etc.
Final Fantasy Master Monster Trainer, The Multiverse, Monster Database Input and Feedback giver
  • Designs for Monsters, Characters, Locations, etc.
Red Bull Angel ??? Input and Feedback giver
  • ???
Colin Monster Trainer, Monster Database Artist
  • Designs for Monsters, Characters, etc.
??? Monster Trainer Writer
  • Designs for Monsters, Characters, etc.
??? Monster Trainer, The Multiverse, Monster Database Sprite Artist
  • Designs for Monsters, Characters, etc.
??? Monster Trainer Programmer 1
  • ??
??? Monster Trainer Programmer 2
  • ??

People who gave inspiration, ideas, etc.

  • Drew Hall
  • Andrew Boter Bugines
  • John Joyce
  • Tammy Spahn
  • Sean Murphy
  • Andrew Kinney
  • Ryan McGrath
  • Matthew Lambert
  • Amy Bolduc
  • Vidny Daniel Alexandrovich
  • Eric Lee

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Game Design and Development
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