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  • Each group leader will be in charge of deciding on its requirements for membership
  • Each person can only be a leader of one of them, unless approved by the Core Leader.
  • All leaders are considered to be part of "Core Staff"
  • Being staff in one area may help you become staff in another. For instance, being an Admin on the Discord Server, will help get you Mod on the Forums.
  • Positions and Groups will be added and removed with time, as the needs of Grifkuba change. Some of them may merge into others, or get divided into two or more other groups.
Group Name Group Leader Title Current Holder(s) Power(s) the Leader Has
Core Staff Core Leader TBD
  • Can Remove Leaders
Digital Ocean Server Team Head of the DO Server Moydow and Sove
  • Managing Staff of the Zone
Repository Team Head of the Repository TBD
Discord Team Head of the Discord Server TBD
Trello Team Head of the Trello Board TBD
Standards Team Head of Standards Documents TBD
Financial Team Head of Grifkuba's Finances TBD
Wiki Team Head of Wikis TBD
Seekers of the Aether Division Manager of Seekers of the Aether TBD
  • Creative Control over Project
  • Managing Staff of the Project
Barn Wars Division Manager of Barn Wars TBD
Ihmiis Division Manager of Ihmiis TBD
Game Division Manager of Game Projects TBD
Bot Division Manager of Game Projects TBD
Website Division Manager of Web Projects TBD
Stream Division Manager of Stream Projects TBD
Wiki Division Manager of Wiki Projects TBD
Art Squad Director of Art TBD
  • Decisions affecting Squad Budget
  • Managing Staff of the Area
Social Media Squad Director of Social Media Kaeda
Writing Squad Director of Writing TBD
Music Squad Director of Music TBD
Programming Squad Director of Computer Programming TBD
Stream Squad Director of the Streaming TBD


Core Staff Financial Team Art Squad SA Art Team (Employees Only)
Writing Squad
Programming Squad
Website Division (Employees Only)
Bot Division (Employees Only)
SA Programing Team (Employees Only)
Social Media Squad
Music Squad
Stream Squad
Project Management Team SA Division SA Art Team
SA Programing Team
BW Division
Ihmiis Division
Game Division
Bot Division
Website Division
Stream Division
Education Division
DO Server Team Wiki Team
Website Division
Bot Division
Repository Team
Trello Team
Standards Team
Legal Team
Discord Server Admin Team Ninjas