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The Multiverse is all the universes in which a lot of the ideas of ours exist. They exist simultaneously, but separately (with some with their own galaxies, or even own separate laws of physics). Each has a unique timeline, separating from the others at a single point of converse.

The Multiverse is the top location of all of grifkuba's projects in our Astrography, unless the project is based on a universe we aren't associated with (like the Super Smash Bros PBPRPG) , or has no need for an established universe (like Grifkuba's Card Game).

The current universes of the Multiverse:

the following are resources available to all Universes in the Multiverse:

The Mulitverse contains groups of Dimensions, and those Dimensions contain Universes. This Multiverse contains at least 3 Dimensions, each with at least one Universe. The main difference between if 2 universes are in the same dimension or not, depends on were the divergent point in the universe's history lies.

For example: A universe containing the planet Chikyū Jurakausi would be in the same dimension as any other Universe that contained only that planet, but would be in a separate dimension from those universes that had Krijt Erde instead. A third Dimension could have both, but only one of the planets would have the spot in the Astrological Classification (i.e. They would have to have a different System, Cloud, Bubble, Arm, Quadrant, Galaxy, Group or Cluster).



  • Each dimension in the multiverse needs to decide how it answer the following questions:
    • where does someone's memories go after someone has died?

Tree of ???

The tree of life is intertwined with the tree of ???. This tree exists in the background of the multiverse and quite often is what is responsible for life in any given universe. The branch of the tree gives the specifics that life in a given universe, or universe group, live of off. This could be the elements of life, such as key minerals or elements all the way to abilities such as time manipulation to having video game concepts such as lives or levels.

Abilities crossings

Sometimes, although not always, two concepts form two separate universe groups can become equivalent, allowing for safer passage between the two of them. So, for instance, When a character from a platformer universe comes to an RPG universe,

  1. their lives are converted to level. So, someone with 25 lives in the platformer, will be level 25
  2. when they die, they lose one level, and
  3. if points are used, said points map to exp using some mathematical equation, to be determined later on.

Inherent & Respective

Abilities from their respective universes, or individual abilities, if the case maybe, will manifest in one of the following ways:

  1. If the abilities are fully compatible in that universe, then they will be complete persevered.
  2. If the abilities are partially compatible in that universe, then they will be preserves so far as an equivalent can be found. See #2 for more info.
  3. If the abilities is not at all compatible in that universe, then they will complete disappear.

more concrete examples:

  1. Mario is able to keep his jumping when he is in an RPG, even though
    • Jumping is often impossible in RPGs
    • Jumping was specific to Mario in platformers, so much that other characters aren't seen doing so AND he is recognizable such as that.
  2. A character from Pokémon entering a platformer would be able to:
    • would be able to bring a Pokémon out midlevel to assistant the character;
    • would be able to play as the Pokémon in which the Pokémon has 1 life, but a lot of hit-abilities; instead of 2 or 3 like most platformer characters have.
    • would not be able to capture any more Pokémon to heal them
    • would have no Pokémon Centers to heal. Something else would have to come in

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Mythocosmology / Cosmomythology

In eons long past, the creators gathered at GodCon, with the goal of creating a multiverse that would allow people from one to cross into the other. They agreed, that unlike other multiverses, this one would allow for more more choice and freedom, and less fate/destiney/etc. A grand experiment, to see how long the each universe would last with minimum influence from their creator, or the creators of other universes.


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